A Little Naughty

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wanton Wednesday

THIS is in honor of you Hubman...yes, I am a stalker LOL. Love your blog! Glad you had fun on the date. Veronica is awesome!!

This is also in honor of Master - this is "his" dress...he'd possibly ask me to wear it every time we go out if I hadn't convinced him its just NOT appropriate at every venue!

I'll try to do this every Wednesday - we'll see how I do!
Have a great day people!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Trip to Tampa, Day Two

So, we slept in...and we had breakfast, and both of us caught up on some work during the day.

At some point we had sex and took a nap.

Then we got up and started getting dressed to go to a club - a swingers club - called Eyz Wide Shut.
There was a theme night; it was Naughty Schoolgirl, so...I dressed in the typical outfit - I actually didn't love the outfit and will definitely put together my own at some point, but it was pink so it wasn't horrible.
Master wore the new shirt I had bought him. I like it.

We headed to the club - it was not far from our hotel. We signed up and signed in and received our wrist bands, went into the club and got a drink and walked around checking every thing out. I've noticed that He is just like me in that regard, when confronted with someplace new he likes to check everything out and get his bearings. There was a dance-floor with a pole, lots of seating, a very big bar, a buffet area which also had some games in it. We ended up playing a game and...I sort of kicked Master's ass at it!! ha!

At some point we walked out of the "club" part and went outside and then back inside the other door to the "rooms" side. Apparently, you can actually pay to spend the night there; however it mostly seems like sex rooms to me. There were two "group play" rooms; lots of bed rooms in different themes - some of which required a minimum number of people to play in (wow!); and...a dungeon room.

Of course, Master wanted to go into the dungeon room. oh god. The place was just opening and wasn't that busy but there were people wandering around and checking everything out - like us! Well, in we go...and Master says so nonchalantly, "go ahead and take your clothes off." Seriously? Yes, he is serious. I hesitate for a  minute and get the look; so I take them off and put them gingerly on the bench. He puts me up against one of the apparatuses and starts giving me a spanking - nothing terribly horrible. Then he plays with my body a little - my breasts, my ass...and then he fingers me. THEN some guy standing right at the doorway (apparently, single guys are not allowed in any room without express permission from a participant) asks Master if he can come in. WTF? Master says no. (thank goodness). After a minute or two Master says I can get dressed and I do. We leave, walk around a bit more and then head back over to the club side.

We end up talking to different people, dancing a little (this is odd, normally I love to dance - alot - but I wore heels that look great, but unlike almost all my others, were not comfortable to dance - or even walk in - for any long periods.)...and did lots of people watching. It was fun.

After a couple of hours, He decides we are going to head back over to the "rooms" area. Well, it was a LOT busier at that point...we see people going in and out of rooms. All the rooms have "viewing areas" however, the curtains can be drawn on them; some of the rooms have the viewing area open and many are definitely occupied. He speaks to one of the proctors and they hand him some towels and we go back into the first play room we visited earlier. At that time it was completely empty. Now? It is PACKED...probably 15 - 20 couples in all stages of undress and sexual positions. Really Amazing! We sat down on one of the built in sofas right after the entrance area and checked out all the people...and let our eyes adjust to the dimness. Then He grabbed my hand and suggested we walk further into the room. I was fine with that. I was just taking it all in. It was totally amazing to me. Right as we got to the back of the room, another couple, who was basically just sitting on their towels on one of the two canopy beds at the back of the room, acts as though they are getting up to leave. Master waited at a respectful distance - and then secured our prize!

For a while I was just completely mesmerized by looking at everyone getting down and dirty - but eventually Master got my full attention by making out with me, and undressing me there right by the side of the bed.
Then he put me on my hands and knees, facing me towards the room, and he fucked me doggie style while I watched everyone else; that was awesome! Then he laid down, to have me ride him - again making sure that I was facing towards the room. The whole experience was amazing - I'm super visual - and the view just really did it for me! Eventually he went down on me and made me cum a few times like that as well....finally - at some point, he got a chance to cum. I'm selfish! lol. I do not remember this part, but he said people were talking to him about us as we were having sex - coming up to the bed and making comments - wild. I wish I was aware at that point.

We spent about an hour on that bed, in that room, enjoying one another, but also enjoying the view. At any given moment I could watch a guy going down on a girl, a girl giving a guy a blow-job; and sexual positions of every sort...on the beds, ottomans and built-in sofas along the walls. There were lots of sounds - murmuring, cries of happiness/ecstasy, directives, some giggling...a really nice sound track to go along with my movie. Its an experience I highly recommend. Its having sex "around" other people - watching other people...but in this case, everyone (appeared to be) with their actual partner. Wild. Fun. Amazing.

Eventually, we got dressed, went out and used the facilities...and then headed out to our car and headed towards our hotel.

Great Night!

But wait! There's more - guess where we went the next day? To be continued....

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our trip to Tampa

Back in September, Master had a business trip to Tampa and we decided to make a weekend of it. We went over for his event; and once that was over...the fun and games began.

I had been messing around on Craig's list and had hooked a few couples...we "interviewed" the first one in our hotel bar and found them nice, but not sexually interesting. They left and about 45 minutes later, the next one arrived at the bar. (Yeah, I stacked them...I'm naughty, you know this, right?) The next couple was a little...odd, a little different, a little grungy in a Nirvana/Seattle kind of way. I kinda liked them. Well, I kinda liked her. We hung out and made witty sarcastic remarks with one another and then decided to head to our hotel room.

The guys immediately started turning the sofa bed into a bed; which was never used. lol. The chick took her clothes off and immediately looked a lot better (god, could I help this girl out with a shopping trip!); so I joined her "in the buff".

Master is not shy so he started shedding his clothes as well. The other guy was a little more reticent. As we were laying in the bed together she made a couple comments sort of asking if I liked girls...um, totally! I showed her my willingness by kissing her and in about 30 seconds we were making out. Master took this as an invitation to lay down next to her and stick his fingers in her (apparently, I found out later) very wet pussy. After a while her hand went behind her and I assumed (correctly) that she was stroking him as well.

Eventually her man pulled me a little down towards the edge of the bed and went down on me. He was very diligent, and I would say he had decent oral skills. Decent as in, if I concentrated hard enough, and thought enough dirty thoughts, and watched Master and grungy girl a little, I'd be able to cum a little. By this time, Master was going down on grungy girl and she pulled him completely on top of her for 69. Uh...jealous? a little yes. She did make some very cool sounds when she orgasmed, and Master and I held hands.

Eventually, I did cum and then mr. grungy came and stood by the edge of the bed and I gave him a blow job while I sort of watched what was going on beside me. At some point Master put a condom on and started fucking grungy girl - both of them laying on their sides.

At some point, it became apparent that mr. grungy was going to cum so I pointed his dick towards somewhere other than me and watched. Then I rolled over and watched the action: Master fucking grungy girl. I decided to look closer at his cock going in her and then licked her a little which was cool. I tried to get her to move her ass a little more cause I know he likes that but it didn't really work. Eventually, he came and then got up and went to the bathroom.

Master came back and started playing with me and the girl but then mr. grungy got up and started getting dressed. Grungy girl followed suit. Master pretty much ignored them, chatted a little and then let them leave without comment so I didn't say much. After they left he told me he had "faked it" cause she was such a...hmmm, how to put this?...inactive lay. While I was pretty surprised because I'd never heard of a guy doing that before, I can't say I was that surprised because she was just...NOT moving her ass at all. Weird. Sex is an active pursuit!

We ended up fooling around for a while and making sure that we were both satisfied...and then we headed to a couple of strip bars - including Mons Venus - I like the place a lot but He doesn't care for it...and then we headed back to our hotel room to sleep.

So concluded day 1...the next two days were a LOT more fun!

To be continued....

Lessons learned...well, this one is still being learned! I'm new to the whole swinging thing...but I'm also VERY into girls...and I need to remember to pay more attention to the "male half" of the couples we pursue. duh.
This was the first time I was picking up couples - I did a terrible job and have a lot to learn.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Many weekends Master or I have individual child responsibilities. This long holiday weekend has been case and point...until tomorrow (YEAH!!!!)...anyways...

Even though I could not see him yesterday...it was a VERY Master-centric day.

While at the gym in the morning, I was on the elliptical when HE began texting me a very naughty story about me, three guys and an "extra" girl....a video camera and lots of naughtiness. After working out I had permission to go into one of the shower cubicles in the locker room and masturbate and take a couple "before" and "after" pics to send to him.

Then, I got back to my place and was headed for coffee and a shower when HE suggested I masturbate again, with my Lelo Siri. Hello! Never turn down permission to masturbate is my motto.

At some point later in the day, I was IM'ing with our current unicorn nurse who comes over occasionally to play with us together. I asked her if she would come over and fuck Master when I'm NOT there; she said the idea is "interesting"...hmmm...guess we'll discuss further. At the same time I was texting with a possible new unicorn female; she started out contacting me for some girl/girl but I told her I wasn't playing solo without permission and she immediately said she'd be open to some form of FMF with me and Master. I'm having lunch with her this week to see what I think. Its easier when we find girls like the nurse....who don't want any preliminary chatter - they just want to come over and play! Well, we'll see.

In the evening, while I was hanging out with my brother, who didn't want to do much other than drink beer and watch football, I was contacted by, OR I contacted some interesting/hot couples, a few of whom may want to meet this week. hmmmm

Then, after His child was asleep, Master and I skyped - - I told him a naughty story while he watched the video of us with Costa Rica girl, and jacked off. It was super hot - - and only made my wait for tomorrow worse!

So...for a day without him, it was a very Master-centric day!!!


When I first started this blog, a couple of months ago - I was pretty surprised, pleasantly so - to discover that over the course of time I started having followers. How cool is that? 

Now I'm getting comments? I love that. I'll try to respond to each one...right now that is pretty easy. 


Friday, November 25, 2011

The First Time It Happened Part II

A little backdrop: Master had been "threatening" to have another guy over, surprise me with another guy; kept asking me if I was ready for my first MFM...etc.; but I did not really REALLY think he would do it. I mean I really had NO IDEA it was going to happen. He'd made me drink a good half of a bottle of wine, he's been overly concerned about my appearance that day; he'd appeared to have been on a timetable somewhat; he was texting someone repeatedly (nothing new there); none of this had led me to believe that there was someone coming over. He'd locked the door as he always does after letting me in (obviously, after he had me tied up he unlocked it)...nothing tipped me off...

...and so there I was; blindfolded, on my knees, Master's cock in my mouth; and now my hand on another man's thigh. And it stayed right there. And I continued to give Master a blowjob. For a couple of minutes.

Then, Master moved away, pulling his dick out of my mouth and hand all at once...and someone else stood before me. I could tell by the movement and the loss of the thigh from under my hand. I could sort of tell there was a cock there, ready. I was on my knees, my hands now down to my side. I waited. I think for a minute or so I thought I could get out of it. Then Master's voice said, "You need to start sucking his dick, Pet...let's go." And, so I did. I sucked the person's dick; eventually I brought my hand up and stroked it too. And only then did Master pull my hand back up to his cock and I stroked him while sucking the other guy. And, as I'm sure Master knew would happen...I got pretty wet very quickly. It was kinda hot. WoW.

At some point there was some decision made because the unknown guy moved away and Master told me to get up while at the same time lifting me up and helping me climb onto the bed. He helped me sort of crawl over to the other side of the bed...where I quickly discovered that the unknown guy was laying on his back; his hard-on apparent by a cursory feel of his body...done, because Master told me I was going to ride him.

I'm a wanna-be cowgirl - I climbed on! He was a little bigger than I prefer - but not nearly big enough to hurt me so I merely put my feet on either side of him in flex position; I put my hands on his chest (there was hair); and I proceeded to ride him. Since I was so ready (Master obviously got me very ready on purpose) it didn't take long and I came. Then Master stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked on him while I rode unknown guy...but eventually I stopped doing that to cum again.

After I came I realized that Master was behind me...and then I realized that he was trying to insert his very hard cock into my ass...while I was still on top of unknown guy. He was trying to DP me! I've never been DP'd or DV'd...and I'm pretty nervous about it. Recently, (this episode happened MONTHS ago) he has been sending me lots of video and pics of it and it looks very cool, and its a big turn on to see OTHER girls getting it; and of course I'd love to see some OTHER girl get it live...He has used a dildo on me while fucking me and that was pretty awesome; and I've gotten very comfortable with him fucking my ass (in fact, I came like that the other night - - which was really very strange; it required my twisting my right nipple, just like I do when I use my Lelo Siri); okay, so anyways....I was seriously NOT ready for DP that day; and discovered that if Master isn't trying that hard (I don't think he was), I can easily evade his attempts. Which I did.

Okay...right about that time, it was like some other unspoken decision was made...Master kind of pulled me off of him and laid me down on my back, on the edge of the bed...he was sort of kneeling by my side, his cock very close to my face. Unknown guy had obviously, gotten up out of the bed and was standing on the edge of the bed between my legs. I knew this because he used one hand to adjust my body while he pushed his cock back into my pussy. My legs were sort of "up" in the air because I was on the edge of the bed...his arms where on either side of my torso, when his hands weren't on my tits, and he began to fuck me. Master put his dick in my mouth. I concentrated on Master's dick, since I knew I wouldn't cum in that position...and plus having unknown guy so close to me...in this "almost missionary position" was disconcerting to me. I think Master said something about how this wasn't a "position for her" and then unknown guy put his fingers on my very attention-starved clit and starting rubbing it. After just a little bit of that...I came! LOL, I'm such a slut.
Then...Master was gone! (Well, actually he was right beside the bed videotaping...but I didn't know that). The unknown guy got serious, got closer to me and really started to work on his own orgasm. I used my PC muscle on him...Master would be so proud!...It made me a little nervous to have this person so close to me, his face by mine (I'm weird sometimes...I mean, hello - he is fucking me but god fucking forbid he kiss me - and boy would that happen later...Halloween 2011)...but eventually I screwed up my courage, and touched his head. A lot of straight, yet short thick hair...distinct... Asian hair. huh.

me & "unknown guy's" arm

Eventually his breathing became patterned, his rhythm increased and he came...he relaxed past his orgasm, still moving inside me - - and then he pulled out and was gone!

I just laid there. A movement next to my head and then Master's mouth on my mouth kissing me, and asking me how I was. I was fine and I said so. I think he got down on his knees because he was hugging on me, kissing on me. Giving me little compliments.  Then a strange voice - an Asian male voice; told Master he needed to run (he had come over as a favor to Master in between appointments - and actually got done and to his last appointment just in time!) to get to an appointment; Master got up, I assume to shake his hand or whatever, and then the unknown Asian head was near mine saying "nice to meet you Pet"...and that was the first time he spoke to me! And then he was gone....

....Master took my blindfolds off...and we cuddled. And then he really fucked me alot!!

And that was how I experienced my first MFM.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The First Time It Happened

Mid-afternoon...I'd arrived at his house about an hour earlier. He met me at the door and drew me in to his place, into the middle of the living room. He stopped me there and kissed me, his kiss - long, exploratory, lovely. His hands roamed around my body but quickly found my ass and squeezed; then quickly started pulling at my dress up to lift it, and then exploring around the edge of my panties until finding a good entry spot. He continued kissing me; moving me into position; holding me while he began rubbing his fingers down to assess my wetness and back up to play with my clit. At some point he decided he had me "right where he wanted me" and proceeded to go to town on my clit...kissing me and then watching me as he held me upright. I writhed and breathed and let him work me up into a lather until eventually I came. He kissed me, smiled, sure in his power over me. Then he stood me straighter, and told me to take my clothes off. As I was taking them off he held a glass of wine to my mouth and told me to drink, and I did. Eventually, my clothes were off...and he looked at me, brushing my hair, rubbing his hands down the sides of my body. He grabbed the wine glass off the cocktail table and said "drink the rest of this"; "all of it?" (it was very full)..."yes."

I drank the wine glass empty and sat it down. He told me to remove my jewelry and I began to do so - - this is when I saw the blindfolds and realized there would be a session...and apparently a serious one since he was  making sure I had enough wine to relax me. Once my jewelry was off he put the first blindfold on, and then the second...completely blinding me to everything. I had become fairly used to this. Something new - he began playing with my hair, adjusting it, moving it around the blindfolds. Why? Well...probably for the video.

There was movement, and he then took my hand and raised it - secured it around another wine glass and told me to drink. Oh boy.

He led me into the bedroom and immediately proceeded to tie me to the sex swing frame. First my arms - he was nice and used the soft silky scarves in lieu of rope. Then my feet...with rope. yuck. For a second he was gone, and then he I could feel and hear that he was back; I felt a glass pressed to my lips and he advised I drink more wine; which I did.

Then he moved away and I began to do what I always do when blindfolded...I listened as hard as I could in an attempt to figure out what he was going to use on me. It never helps. Eventually he touched my back and butt with his hand...and then he kissed my shoulder; and then he used the flogger on me - on my back and butt; first fairly benignly but eventually a lot harder. At first I was capable of staying pretty quiet...but eventually I cried out at the hard hits and tried to pull away in anticipation of each next one (this never works).

At some point I felt his hard cock on me - him lightly smacking my ass with it - having grown very hard from whipping me. He started in on my inner thighs with the flogger, then my arms...and eventually moved around to my front. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I was very wet; very turned on. He lightly smacked the flogger against my pussy...which I love...but then moved on to really work on my sides; and then, my breasts - which terrifies me.

Unusually, he did not move on to other toys. Instead, at some point he must have knelt down because I felt his tongue on my pussy - which was a very awesome after the abuse, but not a (totally unusual) surprise. He licked and sucked me quite a bit but stopped well ahead of my achieving orgasm. Ugh.

And then, all of a sudden - he let me go...he untied my feet and my hands, he kissed me, he touched me...he told me NOT to touch my blind fold. He gave me a sip of wine and after I had drank, he told me to get on my knees.

Okay...and yum. I dropped down to my knees and immediately felt his hard cock poke my mouth; I opened my mouth to let it slide in and began sucking and kissing it as I moved my right hand up to hold on to it and stroke it; and moved my left hand to his thigh - standard Pet cock-sucking position. He allowed me to suck, and kiss and stroke his cock for a couple of minutes. At some point I stroked his cock while I sucked on his (amazing) balls. But then, he sort of changed position...he moved a little to my right so that I had to turn my head to keep him at my mouth.

Then...very slowly, he took my left hand off his thigh, and moved it through the air, to my left...and placed it on another thigh...someone else's slightly hairy, hard, non-feminine thigh. Oh. My. God.

...to be continued.

Thankful? You know it.

green eyes

crooked smile


bursting brain

hours of talk

shower dances

old school, yet


tongue & eyes


Monday, November 21, 2011

Fool me once...

So, I've been sick - I've had strep throat, which seriously sucks.

Before being sick I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of last week with Master. The first part of the week I was traveling for business and he texted me to let me know he had arranged a really "fun" evening for me on Wednesday night. That text made me very nervous because Master has been talking about different gang-bang scenarios.
Then, on Tuesday he told me by text at some point that we were going to head to a particular bar that we visit a lot on Wednesday night; I sort of laughed to myself, and then he texted that his plans had fallen through but that we were going to go to "the bar" and pick up some guy. Well, normally there are no guys I would want to pick up at 'the bar"; and he agreed that if there was no one there "worth it", I wouldn't have to pick them up. I told him I was giggling and that going to "the bar" and perhaps picking up some guy I knew wouldn't be there in the first place was just fine with me.
I got to Master's on Tuesday evening and we had a very nice evening except that we ended up with hangovers and Wednesday morning we had our unicorn-nurse visiting early in the morning. Oh well...it was still fun! She is fun to listen to, and I watched her ride Master which was pretty hot (Master had me ride him first which I loved); she loves my breasts...that's pretty cool. 
Anyways, that evening, as scheduled, we headed to "the bar"...we actually picked up some Italian food to eat at the bar since all they serve is 'bar food'. There were some people there we know a little and our favorite bartender was there - so it was fun. 
At some point Master went to the restroom; while he was gone a guy came down the bar and started to sit around the corner from where we were...but then changed course and came around and sat pretty much right next to me. So, I noticed him because he was nice looking - which sort of made me very nervous. A couple of minutes later Master comes back and proceeds to point out what he thinks is a good looking guy down the bar a bit (whom I'd noticed actually - same thing "oh, god"); and I played along and looked; but mostly tried to keep Master distracted from the guy now behind me (I was standing). 
Of course, this completely did not work. After perhaps...2 minutes...Master notices the guy behind me and began talking to him, asking him if he was a regular (no, in town on business), then how long was he in town (just one night), and where was he staying (in a hotel nearby)  -- the conversation could not have gone ANY WORSE from my view since I knew Master's ultimate plan. 
"The bar" has karaoke, and next to the stage is a box of props - I went over and grabbed a feather boa to play with him; it sort of backfired because he wanted me to go back and bend over again - which I did. 
There was now a group of guys to our other side, they were having a lot of fun watching Master pat my bum under my (short) dress, and raise up my dress some to show off to his new friend, who we now learned was named Steve. 
After a while of playing with me, I said I had to use the restroom. When I came back, he pulled me around so I was right between him and Steve and he said, "So, you want to go fuck Steve". oh.my.god. I looked at Steve and thought perhaps he was shocked and so I asked him "Would YOU be okay with that"...he looked up and said, "let me think about i...yes, yes I'm okay with that." 
Master had that little gleam in his eye that said he was having too much fun. He continued to play with me and ask, or tell me, how we were going to go to Steve's hotel room and I was going to fuck him.  At some point he told me to kiss Steve, and so I did - very quickly. He then asked me to kiss him again and so I did - this time, I was feeling a little belligerent, so I really kissed Steve (he kissed very well.)
The bartenders we know saw a lot of this and I could tell they were like "what in the hell?"...all of which Master also loves.
So, it was decided we would leave. Steve left first and then we headed out. Apparently, Steve had given Master the location of his hotel, but our first attempt took us to the wrong place. This sort of made me giggly and for a couple of seconds, I thought for sure Master was just going to call the whole thing off and go home. Then his phone rang and he answered and I realized...he was TALKING TO STEVE...wtf? Apparently, they  had exchanged phone numbers before we'd left "the bar." 
We finally got to the right hotel. Steve was actually outside waiting for us...we went in through a side door and  took the elevator up to his room. I was still in a little bit of a state of shock. Once we were in his room, I said I had to go to the restroom. Master came in with me. After I peed, I got up and washed my hands and Master said, "Go take your dress off" (oh my)...so I stepped back into the bedroom and took my dress off (which was my only piece of clothing). 
Steve's eyes got wide and he seemed pretty okay with my disrobing; he drew me to the bed and started kissing me, feeling my body and taking his clothes off...maybe not in that order? At some point I finally noticed Master in the room, naked, but not getting involved like I expected. He really just watched while Steve played with me. At some point I think he told Steve to let me ride him; a condom was produced and I climbed on him and did as Master suggested. I came a couple of times. Then Steve got behind me and did me doggie style - I could see Master watching me - I came again...and then so did Steve. 
Steve pulled out and went to clean up in the bathroom and Master came over and laid down next to me and we were talking for a second but I really wanted to get up and GO! (I'm old school - I believe in the walk of shame - and I believe in taking that walk earlier rather than later on any given tryst!). Steve came out, and I thought that would be the moment to start our departure but Master did not move. Instead, laying in this other man's hotel room bed, completely naked, cuddling with his girlfriend with whom this other man had just fucked, he proceeded into normal conversation (stunning)...which led to something like "So Steve, or is it Eric"...'Steve' responded with "oh yeah, it is Eric"...and with that Eric laid down on the other side of me.
At this point I instantly realized that this was Eric, a long time friend or Master's from the lifestyle, who Master had been talking  to about me for a little while. He'd already told me that Eric wanted me but I hadn't taken it very seriously. I died...I covered up my face with my hands - for some reason I was incredibly embarrassed at that point - I don't really know why. They were laughing and having fun with their prank...and eventually I relaxed into it and was talking with them both. Eric is a very nice guy. 
So, there we were, laying in bed naked, me and two guys. Eventually one or both of their hands found their way to my pussy; and at some point their mouths and hands found my nipples...and eventually we had sex again. 
After that, Master and I did get up and go as Eric really did have somewhere to be in the a.m. and had to out of there by 6am. Master shook Eric's hand and I gave him a hug and we left.
On reflection, I think it was a very sweet thing for Master to do. He told me he would be making me pick up a guy at a bar; but in fact he set it up so that it was someone he knows and thinks a lot of. And, in fact, friend or not, I didn't really do much "picking up"...hehe - wonder if he realizes this? 

Final Note: Master did have us go back to "the bar"; where he proceeded to regale the bartender we like so much with a summary of our evening. That was definitely less sweet of him!

Monday, November 14, 2011

love of cooking!

Sometimes, I cook for Master; I really enjoy cooking generally and especially love cooking for (and with) him. Its one of my few domesticated traits. I also clean up after myself and really do like a tidy kitchen.

I found a little apron in Master's favorite colors; and the first time I cooked for him, I wore it. Unfortunately, at the time I had some weird tan lines. I need to wear it again sometime.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Costa Rica part II

...we arrived at the hotel; paid the taxi driver and headed into the lobby, into the elevator and then to our room.
Master went into the room and opened up a beer I think; I took our guest into the bathroom and asked if she would mind a quick little shower with me - and she was happy to oblige. We kept the door shut...Master would have come in if we took very long, so he could watch...but we were quick: I only had a dress on, no panties or bra, so I just pulled it off...she had on a little pair of jeans, panties and a top and those came off quickly as well;  we soaped up and rubbed on each other and then rinsed, grabbed some towels and dried off..and headed out to Master...who had gotten right over his earlier shyness and was naked and sporting a great hard on.
She and I jumped into bed...we kissed some and I looked at all of her tattoos - there were some right down above her pussy - very cute; although I wouldn't want them; I'm way too fickle.
Master jumped into bed with us...I think by that time I was probably going down on her...she had an amazingly big pussy cleft for such a tiny girl (I've never been with a girl this tiny in my life)...but Master said it was very small "on the inside" (and I'm starting to guess why Master likes tiny girls!)
Master started kissing her and touching her tiny little breasts (with adorable super pink nipples - I love super pink nipples). She seemed to really like it; but I wasn't completely convinced she came...which is disappointing to me cause I like to know I make a girl cum!
At some point we traded places and Master went down on her and she and I kissed and I watched him. 
At some point Master asked her to give him a blow job. She got on her knees on one side of him and I was laying on his other. We both watched her suck on him - she did a great job and it was cool to see her little body; I asked Master if he was touching her pussy and he said "not yet" but then he did. After a while Master asked her to get on him...she put a condom on him (I believe he made a comment that I should watch how she did that); and then she straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto his cock...she did it slowly like she needed to get used to it. Then she road him like a porn star. LOL. I watched and touched her breasts and kissed Master when he reached for my mouth.
Eventually Master asked her lay on her side and he fucked her on the side. She was not as energetic on her side; I got on all fours and talked dirty to Master, telling him to fuck her little pussy and stuff like that and eventually he came.
We all relaxed for a little bit and then Master went down on me...it was delicious and I was super ready. At some point she jumped up and straddled my face and I ate her out while he ate me out - wonderful. At some point she turned around and straddled my hips and kissed me and rubbed herself on me...Master had a seriously good view, LOL. At some point not to long thereafter, I came!
We all relaxed; had some drinks of beer and chatted.
At some point Master was pretty hard again...he's an excellent re-charger...he got another condom out and put it on and she got back on top of him and rode him again. At some point, he asked me to get up on his face; and I straddled his face and he licked me while she road him. After a while, she turned around and put her legs between his legs and road him backwards, holding herself up by her arms...I told Master to look up and lifted myself so he could. He made a nice sound but then went back to what he was doing. Eventually, she laid back on him so he could feel her body while she road him...and he made the sound again...but eventually it was clear he wasn't going to cum so we all stopped and she got off of him.
The whole thing was very hot....but it was around 2:30am in the morning and I was getting sleepy. I think she sort of got the hint and started getting ready to leave. We all said our good-byes and she left. I think I was probably asleep in 5 minutes - little did I know that Master wasn't tired, wanted to fuck me, and eventually went downstairs for another beer!
HOWEVER, the next morning I received an incredible super fuck-fest: Master woke me up fucking me from the side - twice! early in the morning...eventually I woke up to his going down on me and then he got on top of me missionary and made me cum so hard. Yum!
Eventually, we got up and packed and headed to La Paz...where we stayed at an awesome resort and had lots of fun in and out of the bedroom. It was super romantic and last Thursday was one of the best days I can ever remember - it ended with my being tied to the posts and legs of our canopy bed, ball-gagged and whipped...proceeded by Master making me cum with his tongue so violently he had to release me from my arm ties earlier than he would have preferred, because he could tell I wasn't holding myself up anymore!
It was a great - amazing vacation.
Lessons learned would be: make Master shower with me; sometimes the extra girl has to be "my type"...because for me they are hotter and also because I don't want to always feel like a complete amazon with Master and some tiny little girl; and finally - sometimes I think Master should fuck me too when we are with another girl - this is the second time I didn't get any cock (partly because I fell asleep) and I don't think its fair. Its good to keep learning what I like/want/prefer.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Costa Rica

I just got back from Costa Rica last night. I was there for some work, however, Master accompanied me and we stayed on all week to spend some time together and have a mini-vacation.
On Monday we flew in and I worked and had a business dinner. Master had dinner on his own and was waiting for me in the hotel bar when I got back. This was awesome. He has accompanied me on one other business trip and I just LOVE the thought of his being there when I get back from working...it sends a little thrill every time I think about it. Of course, he also texts me to tell me he is at the pool bar, or bar or anything and I get a little jealous too. Oh well.  Because I had to be up very early we headed to our room and had the amazing sex I am used to having with him.
Weird as it seems, I'm sure, missionary position is a new position for me...and I LOVE IT! I have all of my go-to positions (most notably, me on top. yes, I know - shocking). So, Master has been using it a lot; and he did it Tuesday night and it was awesome - I had a super long orgasm from intercourse; new for me. Score!
Tuesday I worked all day - it was super-productive. Master had a lot of work to do and worked at the hotel or bar all day...he also booked us a car for our trip on Wednesday.
I got back from my day and hung out with Master at a bar across from our hotel that had wi-fi and we both worked. The female servers at the bar were all over Master before I got there...this is not unusual; yes he is good looking...but the hard truth is lots of American men come to CR on business and end up dating/marrying a Tica...and many of these men meet their future wives at bars and restaurants. Because he doesn't have a great handle on Spanish, he felt uncomfortable about it which I thought was very adorable. Anyone who knows him, would not describe Master as uncomfortable around females.
Eventually we left the bar and went back to the hotel room and fucked. This was a little surprising to me because I was under the impression we were going to go downtown and try and pick up a Tica. But I totally wasn't going to turn down the sex because I hadn't had sex since very early in the morning and I found it complimentary that Master wanted to fuck me before going to try and pick up another female. Score again! Yeah me!
We went to dinner at a tapas place some distance from our hotel; it was very nice and they brought over an English menu for Master. We had a bottle of red wine and just really relaxed and enjoyed our time together, talking and kissing. I love going out with him.
As we were leaving it seemed as though Master was having second thoughts, but was okay with my asking the  taxi-driver to drive us to a particular bar that I know. We got there and went in and found a couple of spots at the bar. It was very busy but not as packed as I've seen it. There were lots of Americans and Europeans or Canadians...and lots of Costa Ricans. Lots of Ticas (female local) in cute little dresses reviewing their options.
Master was not getting a lot of action because I was with him...but we had some drinks and enjoyed checking out the scenery and the action. Eventually, Master went to check out the black jack tables and got some attention at that point and I asked him if he liked any of the girls around the table but he was very noncommittal. He was also very noncommittal about the females I asked him about. He'd say "she's cute" but if I suggested we proceed to something more he waved me off. Later I found out he was nervous about not speaking enough Spanish. He really had nothing to worry about; but I don't think he likes the feeling of not having basic proficiency - in anything he wants to be proficient at.
We eventually left the bar and went to the one across the street but it was dead so we headed back to the first one and walked around some; then headed back up to another area around the bar. People were getting drunker and rowdier; everyone was hunting a little more seriously; many of the girls were now checking Master out as he was definitely the hottest thing at the bar, male-wise. But he wasn't making eye contact, or even looking around and smiling. Very odd. I ordered us another drink, and then - taking a page out of Master's own playbook - I ordered us a couple of shots. LOL A girl has to do what a girl has to do. I truly needed to use the restroom but also wanted to leave him on his own for a bit so I headed to the ladies room. When I returned he was facing the bar with his back to about 5 little females behind him. Sigh.
We continued to drink and chat and watch and then I noticed a little, tiny Tica in the corner. She seemed shy. I asked him what he thought of her because I know he likes itty-bitty girls. He said she was nice, that he'd really like her body if she had bigger boobs, but she didn't seem to have a good attitude. To me she just looked lonely and out of her league with all the big busted confident girls running around in obviously sexier more put-together outfits.
At some point she walked by us to leave our section of the bar. I asked Master "do you want me to go get her?" and he very non-eagerly said okay. I left him there and raced down out of the bar area and into the casino and there she was - all by herself - looking right at me. I waved her to me and asked her if she would come have a drink with me and my boyfriend and she said yes! Sooo, we headed back up to the bar and walked up to Master, who looked both pleased and anxious. She immediately asked our names and gave us hers and we started chatting. As it became clear that she had a halting ability to speak English Master relaxed and started to engage with her.
She was tiny. Probably 5' without heels and probably 95 pounds or so. She probably had about 12 tattoos on her body - many of which she started showing us as we showed interest in them. She had dark hair with extensions that included pink pieces which just added to her whole visage. Super brown eyes and a very pretty face when she smiled...which she did a lot now that she was in company.
We had quite a few drinks and everyone was flirting; at some point she ordered tequila shots for all three of us!; it was getting late so I asked her if she wanted to go back to our hotel room with us and she immediately said yes but was worried about where it was and the distance. I had a lot of colon's on me from a taxi driver who had no USD when I gave him a 20 for a 4 dollar ride and I told her not to worry about taxi money. After that was settled she seemed as eager as I was to go. We chatted a bit more and Master went to the restroom. While he was gone she asked me if we would all three play and I said yes, if that was okay. She asked me if Master was nice and I said he was (I was almost 99% sure he would be...lol); and she asked how big Master was and I told her and she seemed pretty okay with his size.
We all piled into the taxi with her in the middle. She put her hand on my leg and asked me if I liked to kiss girls and I said yes. She said she really liked to kiss girls. I took her other hand and put it on Master's leg, and he looked at me with amusement. Then I took his arm which was across the back of the seat and pulled it down so his hand was on her leg. We all chatted and caressed while we headed to the hotel.
...to be continued...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

after landing

After meeting, and after our first date, Master and I planned to meet at his place after I landed from a business trip. I had about four hours before I needed to be somewhere.

I parked and went up to his door, knocked. He answered the door. There was red wine glasses already poured, and music playing. He greeted me with a quick "hi" and a long kiss - his tongue exploring my teeth and gums and mouth. I had heels on but still needed to reach up towards his mouth.

His hands slid around my body; and he eventually used one to undo my bra...not long after that he ran one of his hands down and up under my skirt and rubbed his fingers over my panties. Eventually, he slid his fingers under my panties but, rather than continuing to play with my clit; he inserted a finger into me. Ah...first penetration - and I was so ready. But now that his finger was damp, he pulled it out and continued his exploration of my lips and clit...eventually settling on a rhythm that pushed me into an orgasm. He held me up as I came. He smiled - smiling the way he always does when his talent with females is on full display...but I didn't know that at the time. He pulled my clothes off of me, now more down-to-business. Then he retrieved a wine glass for us both and led me into the bedroom.

His bed was draped in dark red and black. Total bachelor-on-the-prowl set up! lol. There were lit candles on the bedside tables and on a multi-candle sconce on the wall...situated next to two very large black framed mirrors hanging on the wall facing the bed. Interesting. Condoms on the bedside table. A glass of iced water on each bedside table. Totally prepared for a sex session! Guess we were going to get thirsty. Hehe.

We both sat our wine glasses down and he pushed me down on the bed and slid in next to me; we kissed and ran our hands over each other's bodies. I grabbed his hard cock and played with it, stroked it. He made little noises.

Then he positioned me so that I was fully on my back and he sat up. He rolled onto his elbows and knees - with his head positioned at my pussy and his knees up by my head...his cock and amazing balls easily within reach. He began exploring my pussy with his tongue and mouth...pushing his hands under my ass and then up around my thighs. I was very wet and very turned on. I had already experienced his oral skills on our first date  (that will wait for another post); so I knew he is amazing. He licked and played with me until settling into a nice little pattern around my clit and eventually - after holding off for a while to make it last - I came nice and hard...and then attempted to buck away from him as is my custom. I was much less successful then with other people...and I was also shocked that he held on to me so tightly - not letting me move away - he merely went back to licking my pussy, shoving his tongue into me. I believe at one point I said no, and really attempted to fight him off...but he is too big; and the position is too over-powering and eventually I gave up and let it happen...and I came again! That was an amazing revelation.

He asked me if I wanted to get on top and I definitely did. Being on top is my favorite position (usually) because I feel as though I have more control over what is going on; and I can cum very easily on top. He rolled over and reached for a condom and I started licking his cock; I looked up and he was looking at me, just holding the condom package. (funny side note: I've never put a condom on a guy!) I started sucking on his cock but quickly became interested in his balls...I'd been touching them while he went down on me and already knew I liked them - so I started licking and sucking on them...and smelling. I'm really into scents - and his whole cock and ball area smelled awesome. So, I spent a couple of minutes getting wrapped up in the feel of his (completely hairless!) balls in my mouth and the smell of him. Then I realized I was basically ignoring "the main event" and grabbed his cock and starting licking it - I smiled at him as if to say "sorry" and he said, "I like that whole exploring thing"...that was cool.

At some point he put the condom on and I straddled him - and it was wonderful. He fits inside me perfectly and I can do whatever I want on top of him. I started riding him, and he starting talking a little; at one point, as I knew I had "caught" the feeling that would lead to orgasm he said "there you go"; that was cool - how did he do that? He was like the sex coach - saying things like "oh yeah" and "uh-huh" as I got more into what I was doing. Eventually I picked up into the pace that I like and  made myself cum; and he said "Oh Yeah!"; I thought that was very cool.

My hands "grab at" something - usually the chest area when I am working up to an orgasm and I may have done that the first time - I don't know. It could have happened. It probably did.

I don't remember, but my guess is that I came again - maybe twice - its just a really great position for me. Usually I just get too tired to cum again and that's when I'm done for a little bit.

I do remember that he eventually pulled me down towards him...he put one arm around me and the other arm moved down so that he was holding my hip...then he began pumping up into me. His breathing changed and his tongue darted up to his upper lips and I realized he was definitely capable and ready to cum in this position. As he was getting closer to cuming he said "oh yeah"...again - this time for himself...a number of times...and then he said "I'm going to cum...oh yeah, I'm going to cum"...and I liked that - the commentary. Its very cool.

I rolled over next to him and we breathed and calmed our heart rates...sweaty next to each other. We drank some water and wine...took a little break and talked.

At some point, he got up to go pee, and I very clearly remember thinking, "this is awesome - I hope he invites me over again."

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sex toy for the afternoon

Last spring...it was a Friday; I was at my office, working.
I'd already had the chance to spend some time during the week with Master and didn't expect to see him again, at least until the following week - or even later than that - I don't think we were actually seeing each other every week at that point...hmmm, well - I'm not sure.

Master texted me and asked me what I had scheduled for the afternoon; and I suppose I answered in a way that suggested potential availability. He asked me if I'd come over and participate in a surprise for another girl he was seeing that day. I said "Yes!".

I showed up at his place at the designated time...and texted him. He told me the door was open, to come in and get undressed. I opened the door very carefully so as to make no noise, and went in. I was starting to get undressed when Master came out of his bedroom. He was naked and semi-hard. He kissed me and gave me a hug. He motioned for me to keep getting undressed but I stopped for a second to peek in to his room.

She was on the bed, naked, tied down with the little "under the bed" ties he used on me the first time I came over. She was blindfolded. She looked adorable.

I finished getting undressed. Master came up with my pink leash and collar and told me to put them on. He took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He placed me at the foot of the bed. Then he went over to the side of the bed and leaned over and kissed the girl, and touched her a little. Then, he pulled the blindfold off of her. As it came off her eyes opened and she looked right at me. She gasped, her eyes got very big. I was just standing there, in my collar, holding my collar. I said "Hi, I'm Pet"...and she said "Hi". It was cute.

I crawled onto the bed...her legs were spread from the ankle ties. She watched every move I made. I kissed her inner thighs...she was completely shaved. I licked her pussy and she made a little gasp. She has a very little pussy - the lips, the whole thing - is small, cute. I continued to go down on her...exploring...figuring her out; Master watched...and took pictures probably...and then started kissing her and stuck his cock in her mouth. I kept going until I made her orgasm, which was nice. She's adorable but likes to curse as she gets ready to cum which was pretty adorable.

After that Master played with both of us...a highlight was him going down on me in his favorite position - on all fours, his knees by your head, his face tucked into your pussy; while she was under him sucking on his cock.

I think after that Master fucked her in the 'the lazy dog' position - while I watched, sucked on her nipples and touched her pussy.

It was time for a break and we all checked our phones...Master thought that was probably enough surprise for her and I agreed...so I got dressed and left.

After a little while, Master called me to check in with me, and let me know that he didn't want me to go and that he hoped the whole experience was okay for me. I needed that - and really appreciated it. It was the first time I felt truly intimate with Master - emotionally intimate - on a phone call, after participating as a sex toy for him and another girl. Wild.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I spent Halloween weekend with Master and we went to a party on Saturday night.
We dressed as pirates - he ordered the costumes online; and I prayed that I would like good in whatever he bought for me...of course, at this point I should know that of COURSE he ordered something very flattering for my body.
...the party was at a hotel; where the group organizing the party "took over" the hotel and the guests of the party were also the only guests at the hotel. We had a reservation.
We arrived at the hotel a little late because we took a really good nap at Masters. When we got to our room we had some drinks and relaxed; then decided it was time to get ready. He got the "clothing" portion of his costume on and then went to hunt down a friend's room to say hi...he left a chair propped up against the door; our room was open to the pool area...so in order to get dressed I had to hide in the restroom.
When Master got back he finished dressing and I put black eyeliner on his eyes...it looked hot. I wore my suede over-the-knee boots with my costume - I loved them / they looked great - but they were killing me by the end of the night.
We went out to the outside area where people were congregating around tables and an area set up with a bed and camera equipment for pictures. (We did not get our pictures taken there - we had one of Master's friends take a picture).
I liked looking at all of the costumes and people...I love people watching - its something we have in common. Eventually we went into the dance area which was essentially the main area of the party - it had a bar and a dance floor and a DJ. Almost immediately we ran into "Mr. Deep Voice"...at first I didn't realize who it was and then all of a sudden I knew exactly who it was...he's the second guy Master "surprised" me with as I was tied up in his bedroom. I surprised even myself by giving him a hug.
I ordered us some drinks while they talked and we had drinks and chatted and then we danced. Eventually I ended up dancing around a Caribbean guy who could dance great and didn't make me feel weird...Master was right behind me. I liked that. There were three girls dancing and playing with each other in a sort of congo line thingy - they got me to join for a little bit but I wasn't that much into it for some reason. I really just wanted some good music that I liked and to dance with Master. His dance style is a combination of relaxed/sexy and silly/goofy on purpose and I like dancing with him a lot.
There was another couple there who are good friends of Master's. The husband is the very first guy Master ever "surprised" me with...and I was blindfolded the whole time so this is the first time I ever saw "Mr. Naughty"'s face. Very strange. Mr. Naughty was completely hammered and very aggressive with me - but in a really...adorable, almost silly kind of way...so it was definitely okay EXCEPT that he kept putting his fingers on or in my pussy (I had a thong on because me dress was so short, but our first time back to the room Master had me take it off)...finally I grabbed his hand very hard and he stopped. Master definitely likes Mr. Naughty's wife and they have all played together with Master's ex-partner; and have a long history together.
There were a few other couples at the party who Master knows - and even I now know through him. One of these couples brought another female, who hung out and was affectionate with the husband while the wife was sort of on her own...I'm guessing that is okay for the both of them...but I would not like it at all. I had suggested to Master that I bring a single girl who is interested in hanging out with us to the party (she couldn't go) and I think that would be fun; but I would not expect or like to be treated like the third wheel.
Anyways, we danced and drank some, and people watched, and flirted and had a great time. We did not however go through the haunted house - which means we never saw the play rooms. We realized this much later at night and both seemed to feel a combination of "oh damn!" and "oh well"...next time we will not miss that!
Much later we ended up at the pool; Master showed my new "bush" (its totally not a bush, but its the best I'm ever going to be able to grow) off to some guy at the bar. Master LOVES doing stuff like that. The fun part for me is often how much he digs it. Eventually we started paying attention to a very quirky couple by the pool. We made a couple of comments to them and they responded - and then we realized we knew them! We kind of ditched them at another party (Another story all-together); so...you could chalk it up to a little guilt, or that quirky-girl let Master take her top off, or that it was late and we were in a mood - but we ended up back in our hotel room with quirky couple. Master and quirky girl in one bed; me and quirky guy in the other [note: sure you have more room in individual beds...but I liked the everybody in the one big king bed a lot better]...quirky girl never took her eyes off of me and her boy...she was so focused on our bed that I don't even think she let herself enjoy Master going down on her (crazy - every female I've seen freaking loves that). Master got frustrated with her (I knew this before he ever told me) and went to put a condom on and she completely freaked out - apparently they are a soft swap couple - but I guess they didn't feel the need to tell us that until...well, until Master had a condom on. They ended up fucking on the other bed while Master went down on me (I win)...and then we basically dismissed them and they left.
Master was pretty irritated and we cuddled up (well, after I made him get in bed with me) and fell asleep.
Really, the whole thing was pretty comical...and a good lesson learned. Master has said its important to discuss expectations. clearly.
We slept in the next morning and had relaxed luxurious hotel sex interspersed with sleep...
All in all - a really fun, interesting and amusing time. I never fail to not learn something with him. I never fail to laugh a lot, smile a lot...be in love with life. That's what he does.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

this wasn't supposed to happen

we are both dogs. we love the hunt.
neither of us intended this be anything more than fwb...and we were having a particularly good time being rather naughty with and around one another...he'd invite me over to surprise another member of his harem; I'd keep him apprised as I worked my way through a one-nightish-stand; we'd divulge the fun little facts of an interesting session with someone else; I watched a skype live session of him dom'ing and then fucking another chick, at his request.
He became Master...and I became Pet...
We started hanging out together beyond the bedroom and dom sessions; I started sleeping over...more; we traveled together; the incessant cuddling - the very same cuddling all night I initially found insane - became something I missed when sleeping by myself; something I couldn't wait for...and we became friends; hanging out at a bar, talking for hours - telling each other the little secrets, the concerns, the triumphs and dreams.
and then I just fell for him.