A Little Naughty

Monday, October 31, 2011

tied to a door

it was the first time; he didn't yet have the sex swing.
i walked in to his place and he kissed me, handed me a glass of red wine and told me to drink. I did. He kissed me and ran his hands down my body...up my dress...slid his fingers into my panties and rubbed them against my clit while he kissed me in his peculiar and arousing way.
he removed my clothes...unhooking the bra, sliding the dress over my head, pulling down my panties; intermittently playing with my clit, sliding his fingers into my pussy.
But there was no orgasm. Instead he put a blindfold on me, and then another. He handed me the glass of wine again, told me to drink again...again I did.
then he led me into his bedroom, and he tied me to the closet door. unbeknownst to me he had placed two heavy tall dining room chairs near the door...he tied my ankles to those. he pushed my face into the door and told me to keep it there.
he ran the flogger against my body, flicked it against my butt; then started giving me little whacks with it. I jumped with each contact, it was shocking, lovely. goosebumps broke out on my body; and weirdly I started to sweat a little.
He started to hit me harder...causing involuntary little sounds to come out of my mouth...little cries - some with a little more anxiety than others. it felt painful but delicious.
he spoke to me throughout the session...telling me what a slut I am, how bad I am and how I'd be punished for all the naughtiness. he told me all I wanted was a cock in my pussy...well...I couldn't argue with that.
eventually he became more aggressive with the flogger; on my ass and back. wetness ran down my legs. eventually he stuck his fingers in my pussy and began finger fucking me and in just a little while I came.
he pulled my my blindfolds off and I could see how I was tied...he untied me.
that was the first time...beaten by a flogger purchased by another girl...blindfolded...and tied to a door.
obviously, I was coming back for more.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Words

written as ordered; or requested?

No, it was an order.

Well, I'm in the time limit...it was four days to get the blog up, no?...today is day 1...room to spare.

I suppose more explanation will be due later. For now, its probably enough to say:

I'm shedding one life for another - excruciatingly slowly (at least to me).
I've decided I don't buy the concept of monogamy.
I've signed a contract.
I have a Master.

Details / History to follow.