A Little Naughty

Sunday, January 29, 2012



We are headed to Hedo!! I'm ridiculously excited about this. It will be my first time. Dom has been 5 or maybe 6 times...I'm actually not sure how many times he's been there lol.

We are going during Swinger's Break...which is in April - which seems far off, but I think we all know that April will be here before we know it. And, apparently, even though we will supposedly be naked quite a bit of the time - we will need a LOT of clothes...clothes for breakfast, gym clothes, bathing suits and cute cover-ups to wear to the pool (so as to provide some mystery before I take it all off, I've been told), clothes for dinner and then...clothes for the evening themes, ranging from Naughty School Girl to Fetish Night (this will of course be my favorite!) And, because I am and always will be a shoe whore...lots and lots of footwear!

We've already met a couple of people who will be there during the same week; and a couple of people from the local group whom Dom already knew will be there...there is actually a large contingent from this group going during this week...He says this makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

I've been to one resort where I didn't wear any clothes at the pool* - - and I was fairly comfortable...I guess when everyone else is completely naked, there is a sense that wearing clothes makes you the weird one, right? So....hopefully, I'll be a good girl and not balk at being/getting naked at the pool (I think its the getting naked part that is harder in public, lol) I am excited to do lots of people watching, see all the craziness, have 100% of Dom for a whole week and maybe even getting a little naughty together (well, guess that means I won't have his attention the whole time, lol)...

...it also means I should have some really fun things to blog about come April.

For now...its almost February - our birthdays month and the month we met! We are headed to South Florida in a couple of weeks kids...hold on to your hats!


*interesting fact I learned at that first nude pool experience...penises float! Seriously. : )

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - Strap On

A strap-on can be a nice little addition to the bedroom...or any room actually; wait...a strap-on would be awesome at the beach, don't you think?! . Okay, anyways....  

Ironically, I have been with my fair share of girls since I was 17, but I have only used (or been used by) a strap-on a couple of times, until the last year.  The strap-on in the picture was given to me by Dominus.  I think he figures it can't be too big or it might scare off the other guys when I use it on their wives; or the girls might be scared if Dominus tells me to put it in their ass.  However, like me, my strap-on does not discriminate between the sexes!  

Last year, I was with a guy who told me, on our first encounter, that he thought I might be "a little open" and then broke out this HUGE strap-on and asked me if I would feel comfortable using it on him. Absolutely!!  I still can't believe he took that whole thing.  He was so turned on watching me in the mirror, and kept commenting how hot I looked as the sweat dripped off my chest and stomach - it was a lot of work thrusting that big thing inside him, and it took quite a while to get him to cum!  That was a nice workout!  And I have to admit, pretty hot. Dominus still makes me tell him this story at certain "opportune" moments. Guess he likes it.  

But here's a story I did not expect....  Dominus keeps threatening me with my first DP experience (as you know if you have read my blog, so far I have evaded his less than serious attempts).  We have had toys there while he's pounding my pussy and he's obviously fucked my ass good, and although I have had two cocks in me (mouth and pussy) I am still a little nervous about a cock in my ass and a cock in my pussy.  Additionally, my ass (for now, Dominus says) is all his.  So if he follows through with his "threats", then I have to ride the other guy. However, here's the issue: I'm a little funny, I can fuck another guy...but unless I'm really into you...I don't want my face that close to yours.  I'm sure some will think that's comical.  :-)   

So how do I keep Dominus in my ass and my face away from our male sex toy?  Any suggestions?   

Okay, back to my story.  One day after a session of flogging tied up to the sex swing brace, Dominus released me and ordered me on to the bed on all fours.  Then Dominus slipped on my strap-on so it was above his hard cock.  I was about to feel two hard things thrust in to me at the same time - it took a second for me to realize what was about to happen; but once I did I really did want to scramble off the bed...thankfully, I didn't.  He lubed up the strap-on, and, as his cock slowly went in my pussy he pushed the strap-on (very gently thank god) into my ass.  At first I thought the pressure was more than I could stand...it just didn't feel good.  But I knew my Dominus wanted to train me for DP, so I took it - thinking that if I just absolutely had to, I'd use my safe word.  Eventually, He told me to push back against his cock and the toy, as I normally naturally do when he has me in doggie. 

His cock and the strap on were slowly going in and out of me...filling me up...everywhere!  At some point it stopped feeling odd and weird and foreign and before I knew it I started getting in to it; and it started to feel good.  I started thrusting my hips faster back against my Dominus, taking him and the toy all in.  I started going faster and I felt the orgasm building, I couldn't believe it!  Something I was fairly scared of was feeling soooooo good!  Then I exploded and screamed and bucked and came good!  I think when I was done I kind of giggled at what I had just done...I remember feeling a little shocked at the whole thing. I was certain when he started that I just was NOT going to like it.  

But Dominus was not done with me. He took over and started thrusting hard and deep inside me, smacking my ass...holding on to one shoulder while pulling my hair; and my pussy and ass were taking a pounding...it was amazing!  I knew I was going to feel this for a couple of days!  It didn't take long before I was bucking again and screaming louder than ever....(or so Dominus says, I never realize how loud I am)...I just enjoy the feelings!!!  

I wonder what Dominus will make me do next with my strap-on...I get wet from anticipation.  And my strap-on is red, maybe I should call it "lil red"?  

This picture was actually taken by a girl whom Dominus let me play with alone at his place one afternoon....he's very generous with me, always.  They made me take this picture off facebook...can you believe that?  Lil red covers up all the "naughty bits" doesn't it?  :-) 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - Happiness is (remote) control

Every once in a while (and its been a long while lately - what's up with that?!)...Dominus likes to have me wear a certain pair of panties. They are the type of panties with a "pocket" in the crotch area, in which he inserts the "business end" of a remote control wireless vibrator. The remote control for same typically resides in his pants pocket (although it was once handed over to our favorite bartender at our local Irish bar!); and he occasionally "zaps" me with it.

The first time I wore it I believe we were at a local theme park...and at some point I actually orgasmed in the middle of the park...I was leaning into Him; there was a group of teenage boys walking by and I believe they thought I was having some kind of seizure. LOL.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Second Time Continued

...as Mr. Deep Voice excused himself to the bathroom, Dominus* leaned over and gave me a kiss. He asked if I'd now like a glass of wine and when I said I thought I might, we went out to the  dining room to retrieve a glass.

Mr. Deep Voice came out and had a drink and then sat down on the sofa in the living room. There was a little chatting and drinking and then Dominus told me to go over and get on my knees in front of his guest. I did as requested. Mr. Deep Voice was already sporting an "almost" hard on again and Dominus told me to suck him...so I did. I gave him a fairly decent blow job (I still felt shy) and he played with my hair some; he and Dominus commented on me, the blow job and gave me directions. At some point, Dominus set up the camera he had been holding so as to capture the scene, and then got down behind me, between my knees and starting rubbing his cock against my pussy...that was nice...between his cock rubbing on me and giving Mr. Deep Voice a blow job I was getting very wet. Dominus stuck his cock into my pussy a bit...but then pulled it out and worked it into my ass. 

We had only just recently started with anal and my experience with anal prior to Dominus is limited to begin with....so I was just dying that he was fucking me in the ass in front of Mr. Deep Voice. Of course, as his is way, he then advised Mr. Deep Voice of exactly what he was doing. While I was very shy, it was also very hot. 

At some point Dominus got up and went to the guest bathroom. When he came back into the room he told me to get up and ride Mr. Deep Voice. As I said, Mr. Deep Voice was sitting on the sofa. He reached over to the cocktail table and retrieved a condom and put it on, and then I climbed up and straddled him. I grabbed his cock and guided it into my pussy; he put his hands on my hips; at some point I opened my eyes (yes they had been closed!) and looked at his chest and arms (lots of tattoos) and his lower face (the goatee) and just sort of got into my space and started to ride him. Eventually I got that feeling I love and in a matter of no time I was orgasming. Dominus was behind the sofa, so he videotaped the whole thing facing me. Omg...that video.

I was very comfortable riding Mr. Deep Voice. Yes, part of this was his cock was a good size for me...but part of it was he was very sweet, attentive, playful and nice. He was sensual but not too much was perfect for me at that moment. I think I was very nervous about riding him on the sofa because of how close our faces would be and I was ready to kiss him (yes, I'm weird...I can fuck him but I wasn't ready to kiss him...lol); and he never tried - he let me do whatever I wanted...that was awesome.

We fucked liked that for quite a while and I really enjoyed it. Mr. Deep Voice didn't cum again (at least I don't think so?) At some point Dominus got behind me and there was a little attempt at DP, but I said no, I wasn't ready and he stopped the attempt.

I think at some point I went to the restroom and when I came back, Mr. Deep Voice was starting to dress and the party was over. He shook Dom's hand and gave me a hug and took off.

It was a really good MFM experience for me - especially as a first "real one" in the sense that I could see and I was actually "acting" and not merely being "acted upon"...another huge kudos to Dominus.

We recently saw Mr. Deep Voice at a big party/hotel take-over. He was a third with another couple. At first I felt shy when I realized it was him, but then I reached out and gave him a hug. I like him.

so...here's a little photographic memory of the evening...I believe I may be gagging on our guest's cock...how delicious!

* We are watching Spartacus (I LOVE IT) and I'm consumed by all things gladiator and slave...so I've picked up the language and Mas...er...Dominus agreed I could call him that. I'm very exited about this development. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - breast attention

so...I was at Master's on Monday...I was not feeling all that great (cold) and he was very busy working with clients and dealing with a troublesome laptop...therefore no sex was on the schedule.

I laid down in His bed with my thong and a little tank on, to take a nap; and at some point he joined me, to relax and watch TV as a little break from his hectic day...or so he said.

And he began giving me a wonderful awesome massage - my back, my butt, my legs...and then my breasts. Needless to say this all led to him removing my panties and giving me a wonderful fucking.

...But that's not all! After we both came, he almost immediately went back to massaging my breasts...playing with my nipples - doing all sorts of wonderful things to them. My favorite part was his using the fingers on both his hands to sort of massage/cup my areolar/nipple - like a massage "up" my breast. Really fantastic. He ended up fucking me again WHILE he was doing this and it was insane - I had the best orgasm.

So...the subject of all this attention:

The s

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Second Time

As soon as he began tying me up he'd talk about the possibility.
When he is on top of me, inside me, his arm under my neck, he whispers to me the different alternative scenarios. Will there be one other male, or four? Will he let them touch me? Will he ask them to masturbate over me and cum on my body? Will I have to give them blow jobs? Will he have them go down on me? Will I have to masturbate in front of them? Will he let them fuck me?

He'd already "surprised" me with "Mr Naughty"; for my first MFM...but this did not deter him from continuing to advise me of the possibility of a next time.

Occasionally, he'd tie me up, blind fold me, and then I'd hear the front door open and what would sound to me like him talking to someone else....but it was always a ruse. My guard was down. He had me exactly where he wanted me.

Bet you can guess the rest...

I was tied up to the sex swing apparatus; facing the door of the bedroom...I was blindfolded. He had been flogging me, pinching my nipples, kissing me, smacking my ass with his hardening cock; it was heaven. There was music playing and he'd put a glass of wine to my lips and let me drink from it. It was heaven.

Then there was a knock at the door. Master said nothing; he merely left the room - I could tell by the sounds (or lack thereof). I strained to hear over the music; and heard his voice talking to - a definite other voice; a deep voice. And I heard them go past the open door to the bedroom and I heard Master say "there she is" and "Mr Deep Voice" respond with "very nice"...and into the kitchen they went. I heard them talk about drinks; drinks were made, and I heard them talking.


My heart was pounding. My brain was racing. This wasn't happening. This was happening? Oh My God.

They continued to talk, and drink and laugh - I could hear everything...and it my initial shock and timidity was transforming into a little bit of irritation. "Hello?!? I'm stuck in here - tied up!"

Eventually, of course - they came to me. So. Be careful what you wish for LOL. Almost immediately, Master pulled my blindfold off - soooo, this would not be like last time - where I was blindfolded, cut off visually from  my +1 male. However, before the blindfold came off I felt someone behind me; up against me, wrapping one hand around me and touching my breast, while running his other hand down the other side of my body.

However, by this time, I had an attitude. When the blindfold came off and I could see Master's face, I could see how pleased and amused he was with himself. Sooo, when he asked me a question I believe I smarted off to him...and at some point I may have stuck my tongue out at him. Mr Deep Voice helpfully suggested that this meant I wanted to be thrashed and Master went right to it...while his guest moved around in front of me and played with my nipples and pussy...and talked to me and about me - this was new.

Mr. Deep  Voice , while pretty handsome and nicely bodied, is tattooed and has an evil looking goatee...I've learned he is a really nice guy (this actually came shining through during that first evening) but initially he was a little scary to me. LOL

I was actually tied up for quite a while. This may have something to do with the fact that I kept smarting off to Master. And, quite unfairly (in my opinion), Mr. Deep  Voice  consistently took Master's side...hey! Aren't I the one with the nipples and pussy lips you can't seem to keep your fingers off of? hehe.

Eventually, I was released. Master immediately put me on the bed on my hands and knees, my feet hanging off the side. He got onto the bed and kneeled in front of me; his cock perfectly mouth level...and proceeded to put his cock into my mouth, holding my head by the hair so he could fuck my mouth. All this occurred as he invited Mr. Deep Voice to "take her". I heard a condom package open and then felt Mr. Deep Voice arrange himself between my legs, and then I felt his cock slide into my already completely ready pussy.

He was an excellent size for me - I already figured this because I'd been able to look at his hard cock while they were tormenting me. But its always nice confirmation when it fits so nicely inside of me! He fucked me doggie-style (which I LOVE) and he used a lot of variety which I like...but eventually he let me have it. Yum.

It didn't take long before I orgasmed for the first time. At some point Master got up off the bed, (so as to better video tape I later learned) while Mr. Deep Voice continued to fuck me from behind. Eventually I came again and then so did Mr. Deep Voice.

But fear not...because the evening wasn't even half over!

To be continued...