A Little Naughty

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visiting a Friend

About a month ago, He informed me that a good friend of His was going to be in town for a conference in his field of work; that he might get together that that friend to spend some time with him and have him look at something on one of His laptops. He invited me to tag along.

Seems innocent enough, right?

As it turns out, this friend, and let's call him John, is the same friend who pulled a fast one on me many months ago when He decided we were going to pick up a "stranger" at a bar and take him to his hotel where I was going to have sex with him. As it turned out my "stranger" was John...and I'm not disappointed about that at all! Of course He and John got a real kick out of tricking me into believing the stranger story and only revealing their long friendship after the first sex session that evening. Ha ha - very funny guys.

We met up with John in the lobby of his hotel which had a lot of action because there were a number of different conferences going on. We sat in one of the bars; they chatted while I had some sushi since I'd come straight from work.

Eventually, we went to John's room so that he could mess around with His laptop for while. I thought it was going to take a long time but it really didn't. We were all talking and laughing while he did his work on the laptop. I was sitting on a chair by the bed.

At some point John finished up at the desk and had Him take a look at his laptop. John laid back on his bed and started talking to me; which is when I went from suspecting to knowing that their intention was definitely for another threesome. I will admit I was definitely okay with that.

He came over and sat on the ottoman in front of me and joined the conversation. Some time soon after that I slammed back the rest of my wine...He (later told me that he) took this as a sign to get things moving; and he said "okay, so should we get naked?" - and I stood up and said "Yes."

I really didn't have to undress myself; the guys did it for me...my shoes, my belt, my dress, and my bra - all seemed to disappear like magic while each of them took turns kissing and caressing my body. I liked that part a lot and it could have lasted longer in my opinion. It was very luxurious - those first moments of attention from two men - I don't think I've experienced that before; and I really like it.

At some point He said I should undress them. Well, boo - that ruined my moment LOL. I did end up unbuttoning a couple of John's shirt button and maybe I undid his belt...yes, I think I did. Soon enough they were both naked and had me on the bed.

He had gone down on me a bit while I was standing and he resumed licking my pussy which is the perfect way to get everything started for me. At this point John kissed me, and my nipples and eventually put his hard cock in my face so I started sucking on his cock while I was having my pussy licked - oh yeah. I have no idea how long that went on - but it wasn't long enough because I orgasmed way too quick!

After that I believe I was put into the "spit" position - that position when you are on your hands and knees with one man in front of you so you can suck his cock and the other man fucking you from behind. I really love this position because the combination really gets me off - its just about a guarantee - and He knows this of course! We started with Him fucking me while I sucked on John and sure enough I orgasmed - I think twice?!; eventually they switched and I started sucking on His cock while John fucked me. As I was sucking on his cock he started "assisting" me a little by stroking himself while I sucked on him and...as the highlight of the evening...he came in my mouth while John was fucking me from behind. That was awesome.

After He came, he backed off and let his friend fuck me as he pleased - and what apparently pleased him was to pound me unbelievably until he came. That was kind of cool and I was happy I could take it! Yeah me!

Eventually, we took a little break - all three of us laying on the bed talking; John lightly touching my pussy while we talked and He rubbing my legs and playing with my nipples...I'm such a girl - I loved that attention! And...it definitely got me ready for round II.

The highlight of round II was my riding Him while I sucked on John's cock - I love being on top and having a really nice looking guy willing to let me suck on him while I do so is a great treat.

After round II we got dressed and headed out - as we made our way to the elevators of the nice hotel around 1 pm in the morning I told Him that he was "doing the walk of shame with me!"...it was fun.

I'm super happy that He is so comfortable with these threesomes with his friend John because I'm super comfortable with John and together they make an excellent team - they make me feel great both physically and emotionally - the whole experience this time was fantastic.

Hey - I know - I haven't posted in a while...there has been A LOT going on in real life...sorry about that.