A Little Naughty

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - A Kinky Little Night

Dominus enjoys making his Pet "anxious".  He knows it's a turn on for me...the dread of "what's to cme" and the anticipation.  Throughout yesterday he made comments to me, and on our mutual "naughty" facebook account he posted cryptic comments about what was going to happen.  Of course friends on our FB account offered their assistance for our kinkiness too.  

I finally got to meet up with my Dominus at his office last night and then out for some very good Vietnamese food.  Finally back home and I was able to get my constricting clothes off.  Then came the collar.  Dominus ordered me to put my boots back on....I dreaded that (my feet were so happy to be out of them) and I honestly did not comply as fast I should have.  I paid for that later.  I did not realize Dominus wanted me to model for him so luckily after a few pictures I was able to take them back off.  

After a little more modeling it was time for me to be tied to our sex swing brace....hands and feet in my usual "X position".  I did not realize I would be getting spanked the hardest I have been spanked in a long time...I'm sure I have a few marks on my ass.  Quite a while ago, I bought Dominus a small black whip that I still regret buying (thanks a lot Fairvilla assistant!).  So ensued some serious pain mixed with the pleasure of his pinching my nipples....pleasure and pain....I love the mixture.  I could feel His hard cock against me...he was sooooo hard while he was whipping me - perv!   

After the pain, it was time for Dominus to tease me.  Often he will pleasure me while I'm tied up and can't move...that was not the plan last night apparently; instead he chose to tease me until I was dying to cum.  As he ran the massager all over my body he was enjoying making my cum drip out of my pussy and then make me lick my cum off of the massager.  

Then, as I was on the edge of cumming, he stopped using the massager, and out came the markers.  As I found out later he wrote "Cum Slut" and "I need cock" on my back and then "I crave pussy" on my chest and  "cock pleaser" over my pussy...Wow!  Of course he had to take pictures of this....my Dominus has a HUGE collection of pictures and video of me (and others!)....that's very scary!  I like to think of him at 85 years old strolling through his own porn collection congratulating his younger self on all the exploits!

Eventually he arrived at the control/ humiliation part of the evening...and its really very difficult to even write about that part.

Dominus loves to push me to the edge of what I can handle...he's very good at pushing me to my next level of submission.  He left the room and then eventually re-entered with "the" pan (that I will now throw away!).  I was so scared/anxious:  I knew what he was going to make me do.  I was extremely nervous and not sure at all that I can do it.  Dominus was so hard.  He put "the pan" under me and he did not even have to say it, he knew that  I knew what he wanted of me.  I kept shaking my head no, but he just looked at me and waited.  His cock was so hard.  

Neither of us are in to "water sports"...but that's not what this is about.  This is about control and him pushing me to the next level of anxious humiliation.  Not that he would ever humiliate me in a demeaning way...he's not mean or nasty...and of course, I always have my safe word.  

Finally after what seems like an hour but was probably a minute, I do as I was ordered/expected to do.  Then Dominus, at my request, has to wipe me - hey! my hands are tied!.  Wow, I still can't believe it!  This was the second time...and it really was just as hard as the first time he insisted on this level of submission.

Then,  out came the massager again..."finally he is going to let me cum! As a reward" I thought.  Nope!!!  The massager disappears as quickly as it came out.

He took some large towels out of the dryer (I figure this out because he disappears and the towels end up being nice and warm - yummy!); and laid them on the floor.  He then untied me (oh, my arms were so happy!), laid me down on the towels, and caressed my body...but at that point I was craving something in my mouth and  he gladly provided it.  As he squatted over me I gladly lick all of him...especially his balls, I LOVE those big balls...sometimes I lose myself just licking and tasting and sucking on them before I remember it's not just about me.  LOL  

Finally I feel his awesome tongue on me....mmmmmmmm.   He is sooooo good at eating pussy, I think he should create a blog on how to eat pussy (I'm serious) and the different techniques.  One of his other female friends actually calls him MPE (master pussy eater) and the female half of a couple we were with once made the comment "oh my god, you wake up to this every morning?!?!"  YES, I DO!!!

His tongue and mouth - - he made me cum so hard, and then, just as I was coming down off that orgasm...he tongue fucked me to another orgasm...he loves doing that!!!  Eventually, he put me on all fours and made me cum three more times in doggie position; and  then fucked my ass.

Eventually, he put me in bed where I gave him a blowjob and he finally came (more than he EVER has in my mouth!) That was awesome.

 I still can't believe he held off so long before he finally came.  I love when he cums in my mouth, he doesn't do it very often; normally choosing to move on to actual intercourse.

Finally, I got to fall asleep in his arms...I absolutely can't get enough of that feeling!  This morning I woke up to him going down on me again until I came, then some more tongue fucking; finished off  by his hauling me into missionary position for two more orgasms; me kissing (and smelling) his mouth and mustache and goatee because my cum was still all over him  from his just having gone down on me.  I LOVE that smell on him!  Naughtily, after my first or second orgasm,  he always makes me cum again in missionary from playing with my ass.  I don't know why that makes me cum again, but it does so I'm not complaining!  

Finally Dominus put me in the "lazy dog" position (I think its his favorite) and made me tell him one of my naughty stories.  As always, that made him cum hard.  

What a night and morning!!!  Now it's back to work - I had to leave him to jump on a plane to New York.  I hate leaving him but hopefully I will see a good show in NY tonight.  The Book of Mormon is sold out so maybe I will see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying....maybe Daniel Radcliffe will be in it tonight. 

Have a Wanton Wednesday!!!

Here I am, all tied up, written on...and if you look closely, with a red ass... : )