A Little Naughty

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wanton Wednesday - BJ morning

Well, the title and pictures probably make clear better than words as to my activity of choice this morning.

Hope everyone is making good use of their time today!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

any given Tuesday morning

So...Master loves early morning sex - he seems to especially love to wake me up with his head between my legs, kissing my pussy lips and licking at me...no, I am not complaining!

He also likes to keep track of my orgasms during any given session...

He woke me up at around 5am this morning - and came in at 15...wow. Amazing.

Needless to say I passed out and could barely get up to go to work - but again - I'm NOT complaining!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry XXXmas continued

Master took my hand and we wandered over to Santa's Naughty room. Blondie and Big Daddy were right inside to the left; Big Daddy was leaning up against the wall and holding Blondie - below them and to their left a couple was going at it on a settee. All along the wall of the room to the left were sofas and they were all being well used. To our left was a chair and ottoman and I believe our host and hostess were otherwise engaged there. Directly in front of us was another sofa and Master immediately pointed out that his friends were busy fucking there.

Master proceeded over to his friends to enjoy the view and probably make a comment or two. Other couples were close by and watching as well. Not too long after I joined him, right about the time his friends were finishing up. Master located some towels and moved in as soon as the sofa was vacant and laid the towels down; he sat down, told me to take my panties off and get on my knees. I took my panties off and I got on my knees (of course!) as I asked him if he wanted a blow job....silly question. I unzipped him as he undid his belt and pulled out his already nicely hard cock and began to lick and suck on it. I was sucking on him and intermittently looking up at him - he was watching the host couple on the chair and ottoman in front of us - apparently she looks awesome naked.

Not too many minutes into my blow job, Master said "you can call them over if you want"; I looked up and he indicated Blondie and Big Daddy, so I stopped what I was doing and turned around and made the universal (is it? I think so) hand gesture of "please come here"...and apparently, they saw me and responded quickly because the next thing I know Blondie was on the sofa next to Master and leaning over looking at me suck him. She leaned in even closer and asked if she could suck on him...I said "of course you can"...and she did - we sucked his cock and kissed each other. At some point Big Daddy leaned in and rubbed his hand and fingers on my pussy which I liked very much. After a while he stopped and I turned around to see that he was disrobing. Alrighty then.

Have I mentioned I drank a bit that night?

Things are a little hazy - but I have the highlights in place. At some point Big Daddy was going down on me and Master was going down on Blondie while I was sucking on and playing with Blondie's left breast which is super nice. Apparently, Blondie is a squirter and was careful to advise Master prior to her orgasm. He appreciated that. Big Daddy is like Master - he likes to kiss, seriously kiss, and I was super compliant and kissed him back even though I'm not ALWAYS into kissing people. I think its because I like the way he looks and acts. He's cool, relaxed, not overly pushy.

I know that Blondie rode Master (I heard her say "he's going to fuck me now" and Big Daddy immediately reached for a bag full of condoms - too cute - Master has his own) for quite a while as she squatted over him - which is very hard work. He said her cum just poured out of her so she seemed to enjoy it but at some point she advised him she was tired so they changed position and he got her on all fours and she sucked on Big Daddy while Master fucked her - - I played with her breasts and had a great view.

At some point Master fucked me while I was bent over Big Daddy sucking on his cock. That made me cum (again).

Big Daddy is very good with his fingers (Master did give him a good pointer for me - go slow!)...and I came quite a few times like that.

Some statistics - the girls got to cum a lot more than the guys (duh); the guys were completely naked at the end and the girls merely had their skirts hiked up (ha!)

It was fun, they are sexy and relaxed and I hope we get to see them again.

Let's see. "After", we went to the restrooms and headed back out to the bar area and ordered another drink a piece (this was a big mistake for me!), we danced; Master surprised me by dancing about 16 bars of salsa with me (What?! he's been holding out on me); and then I danced with the male half of one couple in Master's group of friends. I don't really remember that much - apparently I was a little crazy and super friendly. Oh.

At some point we left the club and headed towards the Irish pub across the street. It will be important to keep  in mind, for the remainder of this narrative, that I was pretty buzzed (read drunk). The bar was very full so I forced my way in between a pole and a very cute boy who was talking to a gorgeous Asian girl and another guy. Master was behind me. I ordered our drinks and turned around to look at Master as I waited. The cute boy caught my eye...and a conversation ensued. I don't really remember that much but apparently my input to the conversation involved my telling them that we had just got laid across the street and asking which of the guys was going to "get" the girl. When one of the guys quipped that she was his mother I asked if I could watch him breast feed. Hmmm....a mess I was? Yes.

We headed towards the other end of the bar where another college age couple was dithering over getting "one more shot". I jumped in and encouraged them to not only have another shot, but to have a car bomb; I also added that we would join them. Oh boy. Master was apparently enjoying my hilarity (he'd get to "enjoy" my hangover the next day)...and let me go. I flirted with the college age girl, the bartender (glasses, adorable) and generally made an ass of myself (I'm sure).

At some point, we were the only ones left in the bar; having become engrossed with adorable male bartender and his female counterpart and apparent girlfriend, in a conversation that hinged on swinging and their potential interest in same. Master informs me that male bartender was a lot more enthusiastic than female bartender. I mostly remember male bartender grabbing female bartender's ass for our amusement.

At some point I suppose we left and went home. Apparently, I passed out on the sofa after thinking I could stay up. yeah, right.

The next morning we had sex probably 6 or 7 times, in a 2-3 hour period - pretty amazing!...then and only then did I start to feel the effects of drinking too much. Master got me dressed and to Ale House for an ambulatory bloody mary (or three)...he's sweet like that.

That's what Sunday afternoons after a holiday party are for right?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry XXXmas

I had a great weekend!!

The highlights included a great dinner out Friday night with three gorgeous men (okay, fine - my son and his two friends!); a great day with Master and his best bud on Saturday...and eventually Saturday evening...

We were invited to a private Christmas party held at a very cool place in our city. Its one of those places I've driven by at least 50 times...always wondering what the place was like and thinking "I should go there"...but never quite making it. Well, Saturday I finally had the opportunity to see the inside of the place!

The party was actually held in a large private area that featured its own bar, flat screen TV's, seating and a large dance area. It was completely decorated for the holidays but not overdone.

All told I think there was about 60 or so people there at the height of the evening; maybe more (I'm terrible at calculating numbers of people; I'm also terrible at guessing people's ages - when I first met Master he had me completely convinced that he was 5 years younger than me!)...and it was definitely an above-average looking crowd. Apparently, the couple who organizes and hosts the party attempts to keep their invitee list full of pretty people.

We had been told about the party by a couple we have been communicating with on email. We originally met this couple; let's call them Blondie and Big Daddy, at my very first hotel-takeover party (I haven't blogged about that night yet!)...Blondie has amazing breasts and that night she was wearing a little skirt and pasties and that's about it. Let's put it this way - I was wearing my anchor dress...and I was over-dressed compared to her!

Okay; so they had told us about the party...but not a lot of details. Then, a couple days before Saturday, a good friend of Master's advised him he was going to this same party. He asked if we wanted to go and when we said yes, he asked the host couple to add us to the invitation list. We then got an email asking for pictures - which we dutifully sent (well, Master did). Apparently, we passed the test because they replied that we were "definitely invited" - funny.

The host-couple advised that party-goers could wear "Santa's little helper" / skimpy outfits...I'm assuming this was directed mostly towards the female portion of the couple; but some of the guys did get into the season with humorous outfits which was cool. Since we were invited so late, I wore a black leather top and a velvet halter in burgundy, reds and pinks - I wore this outfit because Master wanted me to wear the footwear I'd brought over to go with the outfit. See, normally I try on between one and four outfits for Him and He decides what I should wear. Well, I threw on my leather dark pink boots while I was naked, just to show Him how they looked and that they were comfortable enough for me to walk and dance around in on all evening; and I guess he really liked them, hehe. He ended up wearing black dress pants and a burgundy button down - so we sorta matched and I loved that. I'm a goofball.

We arrived at the party at around 9:30pm; we actually walked in on the "public side - cool wall bar, big dance floor with a nice stage...I liked it! The restrooms were on this side of the building; there was a door with a "private party" notice listed on it. On the other side of that door was another sign which read "please be dressed to go out to public restrooms"...hehe. On two occasions we went out to use the restrooms and stayed for a bit to listen to the band - they were pretty good and they were playing Green Day!!

We went into the private party and signed in and got our name-tags; went to the bar and did what we do best - ordered some drinks and started talking to each other and forgot about everybody else. After a while I looked around and there were a lot more people at the party. Many of them were dressed in "Santa helper" costumes...I'm really not sure how I feel about those. Some were adorable, a couple were sexy; some were just...a little goofy.

We ended up talking a little bit to one couple we'd met at another party - the girl is nice looking and very friendly/nice; the guy is weird, not very social and...I don't know - weird looking. Thankfully, a bunch of people Master knows (I guess I know them a little) walked in and gave us hugs and hellos and that sort of broke us away from cute girl/weird guy couple.

Eventually, Master's friend and his wife arrived and I had the chance to meet them. They are nice. He had brought his flogger with him. Wow. That's kind of cool. I ended up getting whacked with it a couple of times (Master).

Then I looked over across the room and saw a girl in a very conservative black skirt, mary-jane heels, and a shimmery zip up top; with long dark thick dark blond hair. I couldn't see her face; but she was with a very tall guy - so I just knew it was Blondie. I took Master's hand; and walked him over...and I put my hand on her gorgeous hair and said "Hi Blondie"...and she said she had just noticed me too - and we talked and got re-acquainted with each other and Master and Big Daddy. She asked me to do a line dance that had just started and we got out on the dance floor - unfortunately we were both immediately pre-occupied with the girl in front of us - or rather her butt - she was right in front of us; wearing a little black and red lingerie set (Master's favorite colors - he noticed her right when she came in; too bad for him she was with a troll)...so we ran into each other a little on the dance floor - I didn't mind; we were being a little silly.  We all talked and flirted and found out more about each other. It was fun. Eventually, Master wanted to spend some time with his friends who were there and we went off and did that; and spent some time out in the public area listening to the band...and just hanging out with each other.

We did however, eventually make our way to Santa's Naughty Room...oh, did I not mention that? They had a play room...and I'll write all about it in my next post!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wanton Wednesday - House Call

This morning, we had a house-call from our lovely nurse. I love the sounds she makes. I finally made her cum by going down on her - I think she is finally relaxing into it. However, the girl loves to be penetrated and really loved Master fucking her very hard with her legs up and in doggie. She likes to kiss and suck on my nipples/breasts while he is doing it; yum.

We both rode him and made him sweat a lot. While she was riding him I sat on his face (as requested)...now that is a great position for viewing. Amazingly, she squatted over him and fucked him and then came like that! I held her hair back so it wasn't in her face; and squeezed her little boobies.

It was getting close to the time when she had to leave; Master laid on his back and I gave him a blow job while she laid on her back and masturbated and played with her pussy for him - he LOVES watching masturbation videos so this was like a personal, live, INTERACTIVE show for him. He got really hard and was making very appreciative noises; eventually he stuck his fingers in her pussy...wow - He got really into that. The nurse and I kept looking at each other and smiling and giggling, knowing we were driving him crazy. He really went wild and came really hard in my mouth.

After the nurse left; He finished what he had started before she got there - licking and sucking on my pussy like only he can.

Wonderful Morning!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

a little fantasy

sooo....someone female asked me provide a little fantasy scene for her...how'd I do?

You arrive at his place; I'm there already - tied up to the sex swing. Music is playing, candles are going. He'll quickly undress you, kiss you place you on the bed in front of me...go down on you while I watch. Eventually you will get close to cumming so he'll stop...flip you over so you are facing me while he dons a condom; and fuck you doggie style while I watch your face. 

He won't fuck you long - because he's going to tie you up...right next to me. And blind fold you. If I've been good he may let me loose for a while so I can lick your pussy and feel your body, kiss you. Maybe.

Then his friends will arrive; they'll get something to drink and sit down on the sectional in the living room. We'll hear them talking - they'll look around the corner into the bedroom to see us. 

He'll untie us; walk us out there...have us get on the (large) cocktail table and show our pussies to our guests; masturbate ourselves. His friends will get hard-ons...if they take them out themselves fine (they probably will); otherwise we'll be ordered to get them out for them. He'll order us to give the guys blow jobs. You'll start on one end and I'll start on the other. At some point one of the guys will condom up and get behind me and fuck me; but I have no doubt he will save your pussy for himself, get behind you and fuck your pussy...and your ass. 

After you've made his friend cum; he'll tell me to go put on my strap on. He'll lift you up from doggie onto your knees and have me on my knees in front of you; I'll slide my strap on into your pussy while he fucks your ass - DP'ing you while I play with your tits; his friends watching. He'll have a hand on your hips and a hand around your neck. We'll fuck you DP until you cum; he'll have one of the guys take pictures of your pussy and ass being DP'd...so that you can have a souvenir of your time with us.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday Night Fun

Sooo....I've been with Him and I haven't been posting! I notice that when I'm staying at His house its impossible for me to post; I'm too preoccupied.

Finally back in my own house (boo) and have time to reflect back on a great week. Because of scheduling I was able to stay with him from Tuesday until this morning. THAT is awesome.

Sooooo....last night we headed out to a club that is actually at a hotel; its a LS club that I would have never in a million years have heard of if I hadn't met Him.

We got to the place around 9ish and hung out in the "sports-bar" like area in the front because the actual dance club didn't open until later. We had a couple of drinks and talked to some of the people who put on the "club" at this hotel; mostly because He has made us reservations at Hedo in April (SUPER EXCITED) and the people who organize that trip are the same group who coordinates the club.

This is actually the same hotel where we attended the Halloween hotel takeover party and another hotel takeover part earlier - in the summer; I need to write a post about that!

I was wearing a black shirt dress, belted to make it short, and of course unbuttoned to an inappropriate level. I was not wearing a bra but I did have panties on - mini-boy shorts. I was allowed to wear the panties because we had sex not long before we left for the party and I was leaking cum...and didn't want it on my dress! Is this TMI? hmmmm.

The reason I was wearing the little black dress was because I wanted to wear my suede over the knee heeled boots...its been cold out and I knew they would keep me warm. (as it turned out I danced so much I really didn't need them, lesson learned.)

So, we were chatting with people and having a couple drinks. I noticed a lot of people had these pitchers of blue drink with straws in them and wondered aloud what the drink was. Master suggested I ask someone. At about that same time I noticed a cute brunette, in a fairly tame jeans skirt and sweater set, but with very awesome sexy heels on...and she was drinking one of the blue pitcher drinks. I went up to her and told her I loved her heels and asked about the drink. She was sweet and friendly and we started chatting. Then Master joined us and so did her husband (as we were to discover he was) and we all introduced ourselves - we'll call them Candy and Dave. They had literally just flown in to central FL from their state in the NE to spend some time with family but had carved out this one night for a little naughtiness. We told them what we knew about the club, they told us about their LS circle in their home-state; they were very nice, very genuine. She was adorable and gregarious and he was the kind of guy (both in looks and talk) you might expect to see on the Soprano's LOL.

We ended up going into the club with them once it opened. Candy talked me into getting on the stripper pole with her (a first for me!) and that was fun. We hung out some more and talked / danced / people watched. I could tell Candy definitely liked Master - she gave him lots of attention in just the right way; and I thought Dave was super nice, relaxed and funny. He wasn't tall (which is my preference) but he definitely had a very fit body. But of course, I was not affectionate to Dave the way I know Master wants me to be. I guess its something to work on - its just not in my repertoire at this point. I'm stand-offish to a fault sometimes.

This caused Master to ask me, repeatedly, if I liked them. I assured him I did. There was one other little issue however. LOL. Because we were together so much this last week, we'd had so much sex that it had rubbed Him a little raw and he had commented on our drive over that he had not bothered to bring condoms because there was no way he could wear them. I advised him that Murphy's law dictated that he would definitely find some cute little chick he liked. I was right. He actually does have "emergency" condoms in the car. However, as we hung out and danced he told me he'd made the command decision that trying to wear one would be stupid. So...at some point he told Dave of the situation because, we were all having so much fun and he didn't want to lead them on. They seemed completely cool with the revelation and actually told us that they intended to leave early as they needed to get to their family event early in the morning. Candy and I danced together on the dance floor - she definitely wanted to dance "with" me and not just beside me; I was cool with that. We kissed a little and she is a good kisser. Then she said she wanted to dance on the pole again and so we did. The second time I felt a lot more comfortable and we got a little more wild with it.

After dancing we went back to the boys, who advised that we looked very hot on the pole. Good boys. lol. Dave asked why we hadn't kissed on the dance floor to which Candy advised him we had. He told us to prove it so we did...for a little while.

At that point Master told me to take my panties off. I did. Candy took hers off a couple of minutes later. No biggie - lol. I think we danced some more - I know I was dancing with Master at some point (I never did dance with Dave, I guess I was shy)...and then at some point Master pulled Candy's very large (natural DD!) tits out of her sweater tank to suck on her nipples. They weren't out all the way...so she pulled them out more!  That was fun...but very short. I think Master sensed I wasn't going to oblige the same thing with Dave so he ended that. Not too long after that, they prepared to leave. They took Master's card, gave us hugs and kisses and took off...we made tentative plans to see them later this coming week. Guess we'll see.

We danced - ALOT - after that; and talked to some other people we knew from different websites or FB. At some point fairly late Master said we were going to the play room. We left the club and went over to the play room...my eyes adjusted to the dimmer light and I saw that there were two large beds, lots of chairs and black lights, a dj, a table with "supplies" and about 20 ppl either on the beds playing around OR watching. Master took an assessment of the whole situation and then pulled me over to the "busier" bed and laid me down on the edge with my booted knees up...he got down on the floor by the bed to do as He had told me he was going to do when we were still in the club - lick my pussy. Yeah! Lucky Me!

At some point, the guy behind us fucking his almost naked girl pulled my hand over to his girl's breasts (she was in doggie) so I was feeling her breast a little while Master ate me out. Nice! Then, all of a sudden the girl's face was over me (Master told me later the guy had picked her up and relocated her to that position); and she was sucking on my nipples...even better. Some time soon after that I came. I took a little longer then He expected (he told me later) but I reminded him of all the distractions I was up against! I'm a voyeur after all.

Master began to finger me in a way I just love. I was watching the same couple fuck, him behind her, her on her knees...right behind me. I just tilted my head back to watch. He told me to feel her pussy so I did....but for some reason that didn't really interest me so I just concentrated on what Master was doing. At some point she was touching my breasts again (actually it was the guy but I didn't know that at the time) and I had a second orgasm. Master pulled me up, gave me some kisses and then helped me to my feet. We went around the bed area, sat in some chairs "bed-side" and watched this same couple fuck for a while. They were seriously energetic - it was fun. Like our own personal porno!

At some point we headed back into the club and not long after that, headed back to Master's house. We talked on the way home but I was exhausted and we went to sleep almost immediately.

If you are concerned for Master's sexual well-being - fear not! We had super-crazy amazing sex this morning (all caught on video - which I didn't know until after!)

Geaux Tigers!