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Sunday, January 29, 2012



We are headed to Hedo!! I'm ridiculously excited about this. It will be my first time. Dom has been 5 or maybe 6 times...I'm actually not sure how many times he's been there lol.

We are going during Swinger's Break...which is in April - which seems far off, but I think we all know that April will be here before we know it. And, apparently, even though we will supposedly be naked quite a bit of the time - we will need a LOT of clothes...clothes for breakfast, gym clothes, bathing suits and cute cover-ups to wear to the pool (so as to provide some mystery before I take it all off, I've been told), clothes for dinner and then...clothes for the evening themes, ranging from Naughty School Girl to Fetish Night (this will of course be my favorite!) And, because I am and always will be a shoe whore...lots and lots of footwear!

We've already met a couple of people who will be there during the same week; and a couple of people from the local group whom Dom already knew will be there...there is actually a large contingent from this group going during this week...He says this makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

I've been to one resort where I didn't wear any clothes at the pool* - - and I was fairly comfortable...I guess when everyone else is completely naked, there is a sense that wearing clothes makes you the weird one, right? So....hopefully, I'll be a good girl and not balk at being/getting naked at the pool (I think its the getting naked part that is harder in public, lol) I am excited to do lots of people watching, see all the craziness, have 100% of Dom for a whole week and maybe even getting a little naughty together (well, guess that means I won't have his attention the whole time, lol)...

...it also means I should have some really fun things to blog about come April.

For now...its almost February - our birthdays month and the month we met! We are headed to South Florida in a couple of weeks kids...hold on to your hats!


*interesting fact I learned at that first nude pool experience...penises float! Seriously. : )

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