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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So...I had business in South Florida back in February and He decided to come with me for week. We spent a couple of days in Miami; where I worked during the day and we went out in the evening...I was able to take Him to Christie's one night - - one of my favorite restaurants from childhood; and we hung out downtown the next night.
Then we moved up to Fort Lauderdale, spent the day working by the pool bar at the Marina Hilton, took a nap (after some much deserved sex) and got up and had a little dinner across the street (so to speak) at another of my childhood hang-outs (Carlos and Pepe's - was the food always that heavy??). Then it was back to the hotel to get ready to go out.
We started the evening by going to a private party at a hotel in west Ft. Lauderdale; the people were very nice but I was determined to get to Trapeze; a swinger club in northwest Ft Lauderdale....so we headed there.
The club itself is pretty small, with a fairly decent sized dancefloor; its a BYOB type place and we brought some wine. We walked around and people watched...and felt watched ourselves. I was wearing a new black dress which I like quite a bit although I had it tailored and now it seems to make my boobs like much smaller. Oh well.
I did see one couple I thought cute and eventually I approached them and we talked. They were nice...but definitely there "to talk only" (they made that abundantly clear right away lol). She was really new to the whole scene and he was making her look into the "voyeur room"  - - that was kind of cute.
Eventually He was obviously a getting a little bored so we headed "to the back" - - which was actually "to the side"; we were given some towels and a little key and we made our way to a coed locker room and changed into our towels. After our belongings were all secured we headed into what was essentially another part of the club; albeit the part where everyone was naked and fooling around. There was a bar, and you could enjoy your BYOB there; although we had finished our bottle at that point. I didn't expect that.
We walked around the play areas and watched a lot of people fucking, licking, sucking - some of it was pretty hot...some of it was just okay. There was a very hot chick trying to get couples interested in joining her in a private room....where her very old very icky "partner" (john?) was laying in wait. Yuck.
Eventually, He found a spot on one of the 'communal beds' between two decent looking couples. He laid his towel down, laid me on top of it and started going down on me. Lucky me. I really got into it - I could hear all these other people..it was kind of kinky because I couldn't see much. He got me very turned on and eventually I orgasmed. Later, he told me that the couple to our left had been touching my breasts...this I did not know. He was pretty surprised because no one asked.
At some point, I gave him a 'minor' blow job and then jumped on him and rode him for a bit...this is about the time that the blond on our right starting touching me and paying attention to me. So...I returned the favor and started touching her breasts...and she responded by twisting my nipple That was surprising! At some point she seemed to be attempting to bend down and lick my pussy. She was small - maybe 5'2"; and didn't weigh much. So...I just pulled her over and bent over her placing my pussy in reach of her mouth and hers within reach of mine. That was very nice. For me. Unfortunately, I had pulled her over basically on top of Him, and he was rather "stuck" under us. LOL. Trust me, he survived the episode.
At some point the blonde's man started caressing my ass and eventually put his fingers in my pussy. Before that he had advised Dom that this was the first time he'd seen any of this happen. Guess he is a quick learner. LOL
The whole episode was "okay" -- the best part was actually Dom going down on me. We got up eventually and meandered around but I think we were both ready to go.
I'd give Trapeze about a 4 out of 10. But the truth is you probably have to visit a club a couple of times to get the "feel " for how it really is.

I guess we could call the whole thing "warm up" for our upcoming trip to Hedo - this coming Saturday we leave...I'm incredibly excited!! And I promise to write all about it!

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