A Little Naughty

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Visiting a Friend

About a month ago, He informed me that a good friend of His was going to be in town for a conference in his field of work; that he might get together that that friend to spend some time with him and have him look at something on one of His laptops. He invited me to tag along.

Seems innocent enough, right?

As it turns out, this friend, and let's call him John, is the same friend who pulled a fast one on me many months ago when He decided we were going to pick up a "stranger" at a bar and take him to his hotel where I was going to have sex with him. As it turned out my "stranger" was John...and I'm not disappointed about that at all! Of course He and John got a real kick out of tricking me into believing the stranger story and only revealing their long friendship after the first sex session that evening. Ha ha - very funny guys.

We met up with John in the lobby of his hotel which had a lot of action because there were a number of different conferences going on. We sat in one of the bars; they chatted while I had some sushi since I'd come straight from work.

Eventually, we went to John's room so that he could mess around with His laptop for while. I thought it was going to take a long time but it really didn't. We were all talking and laughing while he did his work on the laptop. I was sitting on a chair by the bed.

At some point John finished up at the desk and had Him take a look at his laptop. John laid back on his bed and started talking to me; which is when I went from suspecting to knowing that their intention was definitely for another threesome. I will admit I was definitely okay with that.

He came over and sat on the ottoman in front of me and joined the conversation. Some time soon after that I slammed back the rest of my wine...He (later told me that he) took this as a sign to get things moving; and he said "okay, so should we get naked?" - and I stood up and said "Yes."

I really didn't have to undress myself; the guys did it for me...my shoes, my belt, my dress, and my bra - all seemed to disappear like magic while each of them took turns kissing and caressing my body. I liked that part a lot and it could have lasted longer in my opinion. It was very luxurious - those first moments of attention from two men - I don't think I've experienced that before; and I really like it.

At some point He said I should undress them. Well, boo - that ruined my moment LOL. I did end up unbuttoning a couple of John's shirt button and maybe I undid his belt...yes, I think I did. Soon enough they were both naked and had me on the bed.

He had gone down on me a bit while I was standing and he resumed licking my pussy which is the perfect way to get everything started for me. At this point John kissed me, and my nipples and eventually put his hard cock in my face so I started sucking on his cock while I was having my pussy licked - oh yeah. I have no idea how long that went on - but it wasn't long enough because I orgasmed way too quick!

After that I believe I was put into the "spit" position - that position when you are on your hands and knees with one man in front of you so you can suck his cock and the other man fucking you from behind. I really love this position because the combination really gets me off - its just about a guarantee - and He knows this of course! We started with Him fucking me while I sucked on John and sure enough I orgasmed - I think twice?!; eventually they switched and I started sucking on His cock while John fucked me. As I was sucking on his cock he started "assisting" me a little by stroking himself while I sucked on him and...as the highlight of the evening...he came in my mouth while John was fucking me from behind. That was awesome.

After He came, he backed off and let his friend fuck me as he pleased - and what apparently pleased him was to pound me unbelievably until he came. That was kind of cool and I was happy I could take it! Yeah me!

Eventually, we took a little break - all three of us laying on the bed talking; John lightly touching my pussy while we talked and He rubbing my legs and playing with my nipples...I'm such a girl - I loved that attention! And...it definitely got me ready for round II.

The highlight of round II was my riding Him while I sucked on John's cock - I love being on top and having a really nice looking guy willing to let me suck on him while I do so is a great treat.

After round II we got dressed and headed out - as we made our way to the elevators of the nice hotel around 1 pm in the morning I told Him that he was "doing the walk of shame with me!"...it was fun.

I'm super happy that He is so comfortable with these threesomes with his friend John because I'm super comfortable with John and together they make an excellent team - they make me feel great both physically and emotionally - the whole experience this time was fantastic.

Hey - I know - I haven't posted in a while...there has been A LOT going on in real life...sorry about that.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


He does this to me...
: )


So...I had business in South Florida back in February and He decided to come with me for week. We spent a couple of days in Miami; where I worked during the day and we went out in the evening...I was able to take Him to Christie's one night - - one of my favorite restaurants from childhood; and we hung out downtown the next night.
Then we moved up to Fort Lauderdale, spent the day working by the pool bar at the Marina Hilton, took a nap (after some much deserved sex) and got up and had a little dinner across the street (so to speak) at another of my childhood hang-outs (Carlos and Pepe's - was the food always that heavy??). Then it was back to the hotel to get ready to go out.
We started the evening by going to a private party at a hotel in west Ft. Lauderdale; the people were very nice but I was determined to get to Trapeze; a swinger club in northwest Ft Lauderdale....so we headed there.
The club itself is pretty small, with a fairly decent sized dancefloor; its a BYOB type place and we brought some wine. We walked around and people watched...and felt watched ourselves. I was wearing a new black dress which I like quite a bit although I had it tailored and now it seems to make my boobs like much smaller. Oh well.
I did see one couple I thought cute and eventually I approached them and we talked. They were nice...but definitely there "to talk only" (they made that abundantly clear right away lol). She was really new to the whole scene and he was making her look into the "voyeur room"  - - that was kind of cute.
Eventually He was obviously a getting a little bored so we headed "to the back" - - which was actually "to the side"; we were given some towels and a little key and we made our way to a coed locker room and changed into our towels. After our belongings were all secured we headed into what was essentially another part of the club; albeit the part where everyone was naked and fooling around. There was a bar, and you could enjoy your BYOB there; although we had finished our bottle at that point. I didn't expect that.
We walked around the play areas and watched a lot of people fucking, licking, sucking - some of it was pretty hot...some of it was just okay. There was a very hot chick trying to get couples interested in joining her in a private room....where her very old very icky "partner" (john?) was laying in wait. Yuck.
Eventually, He found a spot on one of the 'communal beds' between two decent looking couples. He laid his towel down, laid me on top of it and started going down on me. Lucky me. I really got into it - I could hear all these other people..it was kind of kinky because I couldn't see much. He got me very turned on and eventually I orgasmed. Later, he told me that the couple to our left had been touching my breasts...this I did not know. He was pretty surprised because no one asked.
At some point, I gave him a 'minor' blow job and then jumped on him and rode him for a bit...this is about the time that the blond on our right starting touching me and paying attention to me. So...I returned the favor and started touching her breasts...and she responded by twisting my nipple That was surprising! At some point she seemed to be attempting to bend down and lick my pussy. She was small - maybe 5'2"; and didn't weigh much. So...I just pulled her over and bent over her placing my pussy in reach of her mouth and hers within reach of mine. That was very nice. For me. Unfortunately, I had pulled her over basically on top of Him, and he was rather "stuck" under us. LOL. Trust me, he survived the episode.
At some point the blonde's man started caressing my ass and eventually put his fingers in my pussy. Before that he had advised Dom that this was the first time he'd seen any of this happen. Guess he is a quick learner. LOL
The whole episode was "okay" -- the best part was actually Dom going down on me. We got up eventually and meandered around but I think we were both ready to go.
I'd give Trapeze about a 4 out of 10. But the truth is you probably have to visit a club a couple of times to get the "feel " for how it really is.

I guess we could call the whole thing "warm up" for our upcoming trip to Hedo - this coming Saturday we leave...I'm incredibly excited!! And I promise to write all about it!

Big Trouble

so....I haven't posted in quite some time...and today got into a bit of trouble for not doing so.

More importantly, I've received a number of comments and emails from readers asking me to post - - so...here I am.

There really is no great excuse -- just lots and lots of work and work travel....boo. Oh well, has to be done by someone and apparently that someone is me.

We are headed to Hedo II on Saturday, and I promise to have stories galore (and some pictures!) upon our return. Until then...well, we did have a little fun in Fort Lauderdale in February....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - A Kinky Little Night

Dominus enjoys making his Pet "anxious".  He knows it's a turn on for me...the dread of "what's to cme" and the anticipation.  Throughout yesterday he made comments to me, and on our mutual "naughty" facebook account he posted cryptic comments about what was going to happen.  Of course friends on our FB account offered their assistance for our kinkiness too.  

I finally got to meet up with my Dominus at his office last night and then out for some very good Vietnamese food.  Finally back home and I was able to get my constricting clothes off.  Then came the collar.  Dominus ordered me to put my boots back on....I dreaded that (my feet were so happy to be out of them) and I honestly did not comply as fast I should have.  I paid for that later.  I did not realize Dominus wanted me to model for him so luckily after a few pictures I was able to take them back off.  

After a little more modeling it was time for me to be tied to our sex swing brace....hands and feet in my usual "X position".  I did not realize I would be getting spanked the hardest I have been spanked in a long time...I'm sure I have a few marks on my ass.  Quite a while ago, I bought Dominus a small black whip that I still regret buying (thanks a lot Fairvilla assistant!).  So ensued some serious pain mixed with the pleasure of his pinching my nipples....pleasure and pain....I love the mixture.  I could feel His hard cock against me...he was sooooo hard while he was whipping me - perv!   

After the pain, it was time for Dominus to tease me.  Often he will pleasure me while I'm tied up and can't move...that was not the plan last night apparently; instead he chose to tease me until I was dying to cum.  As he ran the massager all over my body he was enjoying making my cum drip out of my pussy and then make me lick my cum off of the massager.  

Then, as I was on the edge of cumming, he stopped using the massager, and out came the markers.  As I found out later he wrote "Cum Slut" and "I need cock" on my back and then "I crave pussy" on my chest and  "cock pleaser" over my pussy...Wow!  Of course he had to take pictures of this....my Dominus has a HUGE collection of pictures and video of me (and others!)....that's very scary!  I like to think of him at 85 years old strolling through his own porn collection congratulating his younger self on all the exploits!

Eventually he arrived at the control/ humiliation part of the evening...and its really very difficult to even write about that part.

Dominus loves to push me to the edge of what I can handle...he's very good at pushing me to my next level of submission.  He left the room and then eventually re-entered with "the" pan (that I will now throw away!).  I was so scared/anxious:  I knew what he was going to make me do.  I was extremely nervous and not sure at all that I can do it.  Dominus was so hard.  He put "the pan" under me and he did not even have to say it, he knew that  I knew what he wanted of me.  I kept shaking my head no, but he just looked at me and waited.  His cock was so hard.  

Neither of us are in to "water sports"...but that's not what this is about.  This is about control and him pushing me to the next level of anxious humiliation.  Not that he would ever humiliate me in a demeaning way...he's not mean or nasty...and of course, I always have my safe word.  

Finally after what seems like an hour but was probably a minute, I do as I was ordered/expected to do.  Then Dominus, at my request, has to wipe me - hey! my hands are tied!.  Wow, I still can't believe it!  This was the second time...and it really was just as hard as the first time he insisted on this level of submission.

Then,  out came the massager again..."finally he is going to let me cum! As a reward" I thought.  Nope!!!  The massager disappears as quickly as it came out.

He took some large towels out of the dryer (I figure this out because he disappears and the towels end up being nice and warm - yummy!); and laid them on the floor.  He then untied me (oh, my arms were so happy!), laid me down on the towels, and caressed my body...but at that point I was craving something in my mouth and  he gladly provided it.  As he squatted over me I gladly lick all of him...especially his balls, I LOVE those big balls...sometimes I lose myself just licking and tasting and sucking on them before I remember it's not just about me.  LOL  

Finally I feel his awesome tongue on me....mmmmmmmm.   He is sooooo good at eating pussy, I think he should create a blog on how to eat pussy (I'm serious) and the different techniques.  One of his other female friends actually calls him MPE (master pussy eater) and the female half of a couple we were with once made the comment "oh my god, you wake up to this every morning?!?!"  YES, I DO!!!

His tongue and mouth - - he made me cum so hard, and then, just as I was coming down off that orgasm...he tongue fucked me to another orgasm...he loves doing that!!!  Eventually, he put me on all fours and made me cum three more times in doggie position; and  then fucked my ass.

Eventually, he put me in bed where I gave him a blowjob and he finally came (more than he EVER has in my mouth!) That was awesome.

 I still can't believe he held off so long before he finally came.  I love when he cums in my mouth, he doesn't do it very often; normally choosing to move on to actual intercourse.

Finally, I got to fall asleep in his arms...I absolutely can't get enough of that feeling!  This morning I woke up to him going down on me again until I came, then some more tongue fucking; finished off  by his hauling me into missionary position for two more orgasms; me kissing (and smelling) his mouth and mustache and goatee because my cum was still all over him  from his just having gone down on me.  I LOVE that smell on him!  Naughtily, after my first or second orgasm,  he always makes me cum again in missionary from playing with my ass.  I don't know why that makes me cum again, but it does so I'm not complaining!  

Finally Dominus put me in the "lazy dog" position (I think its his favorite) and made me tell him one of my naughty stories.  As always, that made him cum hard.  

What a night and morning!!!  Now it's back to work - I had to leave him to jump on a plane to New York.  I hate leaving him but hopefully I will see a good show in NY tonight.  The Book of Mormon is sold out so maybe I will see How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying....maybe Daniel Radcliffe will be in it tonight. 

Have a Wanton Wednesday!!!

Here I am, all tied up, written on...and if you look closely, with a red ass... : )

Sunday, January 29, 2012



We are headed to Hedo!! I'm ridiculously excited about this. It will be my first time. Dom has been 5 or maybe 6 times...I'm actually not sure how many times he's been there lol.

We are going during Swinger's Break...which is in April - which seems far off, but I think we all know that April will be here before we know it. And, apparently, even though we will supposedly be naked quite a bit of the time - we will need a LOT of clothes...clothes for breakfast, gym clothes, bathing suits and cute cover-ups to wear to the pool (so as to provide some mystery before I take it all off, I've been told), clothes for dinner and then...clothes for the evening themes, ranging from Naughty School Girl to Fetish Night (this will of course be my favorite!) And, because I am and always will be a shoe whore...lots and lots of footwear!

We've already met a couple of people who will be there during the same week; and a couple of people from the local group whom Dom already knew will be there...there is actually a large contingent from this group going during this week...He says this makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

I've been to one resort where I didn't wear any clothes at the pool* - - and I was fairly comfortable...I guess when everyone else is completely naked, there is a sense that wearing clothes makes you the weird one, right? So....hopefully, I'll be a good girl and not balk at being/getting naked at the pool (I think its the getting naked part that is harder in public, lol) I am excited to do lots of people watching, see all the craziness, have 100% of Dom for a whole week and maybe even getting a little naughty together (well, guess that means I won't have his attention the whole time, lol)...

...it also means I should have some really fun things to blog about come April.

For now...its almost February - our birthdays month and the month we met! We are headed to South Florida in a couple of weeks kids...hold on to your hats!


*interesting fact I learned at that first nude pool experience...penises float! Seriously. : )

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wanton Wednesday - Strap On

A strap-on can be a nice little addition to the bedroom...or any room actually; wait...a strap-on would be awesome at the beach, don't you think?! . Okay, anyways....  

Ironically, I have been with my fair share of girls since I was 17, but I have only used (or been used by) a strap-on a couple of times, until the last year.  The strap-on in the picture was given to me by Dominus.  I think he figures it can't be too big or it might scare off the other guys when I use it on their wives; or the girls might be scared if Dominus tells me to put it in their ass.  However, like me, my strap-on does not discriminate between the sexes!  

Last year, I was with a guy who told me, on our first encounter, that he thought I might be "a little open" and then broke out this HUGE strap-on and asked me if I would feel comfortable using it on him. Absolutely!!  I still can't believe he took that whole thing.  He was so turned on watching me in the mirror, and kept commenting how hot I looked as the sweat dripped off my chest and stomach - it was a lot of work thrusting that big thing inside him, and it took quite a while to get him to cum!  That was a nice workout!  And I have to admit, pretty hot. Dominus still makes me tell him this story at certain "opportune" moments. Guess he likes it.  

But here's a story I did not expect....  Dominus keeps threatening me with my first DP experience (as you know if you have read my blog, so far I have evaded his less than serious attempts).  We have had toys there while he's pounding my pussy and he's obviously fucked my ass good, and although I have had two cocks in me (mouth and pussy) I am still a little nervous about a cock in my ass and a cock in my pussy.  Additionally, my ass (for now, Dominus says) is all his.  So if he follows through with his "threats", then I have to ride the other guy. However, here's the issue: I'm a little funny, I can fuck another guy...but unless I'm really into you...I don't want my face that close to yours.  I'm sure some will think that's comical.  :-)   

So how do I keep Dominus in my ass and my face away from our male sex toy?  Any suggestions?   

Okay, back to my story.  One day after a session of flogging tied up to the sex swing brace, Dominus released me and ordered me on to the bed on all fours.  Then Dominus slipped on my strap-on so it was above his hard cock.  I was about to feel two hard things thrust in to me at the same time - it took a second for me to realize what was about to happen; but once I did I really did want to scramble off the bed...thankfully, I didn't.  He lubed up the strap-on, and, as his cock slowly went in my pussy he pushed the strap-on (very gently thank god) into my ass.  At first I thought the pressure was more than I could stand...it just didn't feel good.  But I knew my Dominus wanted to train me for DP, so I took it - thinking that if I just absolutely had to, I'd use my safe word.  Eventually, He told me to push back against his cock and the toy, as I normally naturally do when he has me in doggie. 

His cock and the strap on were slowly going in and out of me...filling me up...everywhere!  At some point it stopped feeling odd and weird and foreign and before I knew it I started getting in to it; and it started to feel good.  I started thrusting my hips faster back against my Dominus, taking him and the toy all in.  I started going faster and I felt the orgasm building, I couldn't believe it!  Something I was fairly scared of was feeling soooooo good!  Then I exploded and screamed and bucked and came good!  I think when I was done I kind of giggled at what I had just done...I remember feeling a little shocked at the whole thing. I was certain when he started that I just was NOT going to like it.  

But Dominus was not done with me. He took over and started thrusting hard and deep inside me, smacking my ass...holding on to one shoulder while pulling my hair; and my pussy and ass were taking a pounding...it was amazing!  I knew I was going to feel this for a couple of days!  It didn't take long before I was bucking again and screaming louder than ever....(or so Dominus says, I never realize how loud I am)...I just enjoy the feelings!!!  

I wonder what Dominus will make me do next with my strap-on...I get wet from anticipation.  And my strap-on is red, maybe I should call it "lil red"?  

This picture was actually taken by a girl whom Dominus let me play with alone at his place one afternoon....he's very generous with me, always.  They made me take this picture off facebook...can you believe that?  Lil red covers up all the "naughty bits" doesn't it?  :-)